1. A

    GML split equation into numbers and operator

    I want to split an equation into 3 sections. The first number, the second number and the operator itself. Example: Input (string_print) = print 10+15 num1 = 10 num2 = 15 op = "+" eq = string_copy(string_print, 7, string_length(string_print)-6) This is the code I use for getting everything...
  2. Crossoni

    Legacy GM Counting how many times object has wrapped

    Is there any easy way of counting how many times an object has been wrapped? I would need to use that information for an object which follows other object until it wraps out of screen and then changes target to the closest one. Example: ///Object which follows the target //create spd = 5...
  3. P

    Windows (RTS HELP NEEDED) Counting Selected Units

    Im trying to count how many units I am selecting. I have been trying for about 3 hours and I haven't managed to get it to work. I have tried mostly arrays and for loops.
  4. mafon2

    Legacy GM It's me and counting again

    Hello, Down with stacking (you can download it from here, btw: (controls: arrows, space, R)), now I'm making color matching game. And I need to count blocks again, but this time I want to count all adjusted blocks, so for example, if there are 5 or more blocks...
  5. mafon2

    to Count blocks in a row (not quite)

    Ok, I'm trying to make a simple stacking game, but every simple thing you don't notice requires a code explanation for the machine. So I want to check the preasure on blocks, mostly to know which one is the highest one, so you can grab it, but I'm also thinking it could be useful to make...
  6. K12gamer

    Windows Santa's Numbers

    Short educational number game. The game helps students learn the numbers between 11 and 20. Other games will be available in this series to teach other sets of numbers. I plan to have a different character for each mini game.