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  1. M

    Click Tracker for Combos

    Hi all, I'm attempting to write a script that will count the attacks the player makes in a certain state. More specifically, I need to track the number of mouse clicks while in the attack state and then halt any attack inputs once the counter is above 3. I'm aware of the object/event system, and...
  2. MartinK12

    SOLVED Can counters/timers in code go infinitely up/down?

    In step events I often use counter++ Now I wonder - after few hours of gameplay this number will be huge. So does it matter performance wise? Should I reset those numbers to 0 from time to time?
  3. P

    - Can you count clicks outside game window? -

    How do I count clicks OUTSIDE of the game window? I am making a simple click counter game but it needs to count the clicks while performing other tasks on the computer, so they should count out of the game window. I need to be able to count clicks anywhere on screen but it only detects them...
  4. B

    Collision counter

    Hi there! I want to make a collision counter. I set to the object's create event to: global.collision = 0; And the collision event to: global.collision += 1; It counts constantly when it's overlapping, but I need just one point / collision. I have no idea, how can I do it.
  5. FrostyCat

    GML Restricting Unwanted Repetition with Flags

    Restricting Unwanted Repetition with Flags GM Version: All Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: A summary of flag patterns for GML development. Introduction This guide documents 4 commonly used flag patterns for general GML development. Protecting one-time actions against...
  6. W

    Counter problem

    Hi guys ! I've got a problem, I use Game maker v1.2.1130 (r27319) and I've created a little game like asteroids (A ship is controlled by the player and his goal is to destroy every asteroids with bullets). I added a counter for the bullets, at first it's value is 100 and it decreases by 1...
  7. id07

    DnD simple number counter?

    I was working on a really small game where I have multiple functions activate when you click on a specific object with a mouse. And I wanted to have 2 separate objects that when you click on one of them, it shows (draws) integers/numbers count upwards on screen. I managed to do this with the...
  8. M

    If you want Spawner, health regen, damage counter...

    Hey budies! If you want to know the codes for a npc spawner or a health regen or damage counter (show the random damage you done) I could share it with you.
  9. SOliD

    Message Timer

    Hello, i did code a message with the draw_text function but the message stays only for a second or less, so i want to show the message for more seconds after the condition is fulfilled even do the condition isnt true anymore. A delay string that stays on the Screen for a given time. pls help...