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  1. Arlan64

    [RESOLVED] Keep a custom draw variable when we change room?

    Hello world, I created a new variable named "emeraldCount" but I want this variable not equals 0 when we change room... I want to keep the variable for all rooms, like the score variable for example if you want. I give you the codes: obj_drawScore >> Draw Event...
  2. B

    Limit my spawn count

    Hi, Everyone I'm making a space shooter and I have made a spawner, but I want the spawner to stop spawning when it hits a certain amount of enemies. For example after the 100th no more spawn. In my obj_spawner I have create event //spawn rate spawn_rate = 70; alarm[0] = spawn_rate; and in...
  3. 2

    Find Number of Instances I'm Colliding with, and Their Ids

    I'm trying to loop through to find how many collisions with Tree_obj I'm getting in the player's collision rectangle (actually place_meeting), and also get the id each loop. I'm only getting the value 0 for each when I don't overlap the object (that part's correct), and 1 for each variable when...