1. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Holy Plague - You're on a mission from God. Remove the plague from this world. Keep it alive.

    Made for Ludum Dare 46. Play it here: Coding, writing, music: Adrien Dittrick Artwork: Shinlalala A small world has been created. However, it is being infested by a virulent plague which risks destroying everything. Use your ethereal powers to...
  2. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Lockdown opportunities: a one-room adventure where you fill your house with more and more junk as time passes!

    Itch: GJ: NG: This game was made in 72 hours for the game jam. Coding, music, writing: Adrien Dittrick...
  3. S-4

    getting back into GMS 2 is helping me get through this (pandemic)

    everything is closed here or is open but there's zero service so they might as well be closed; stressing out bout incoming layoffs and this incompetent/criminally negligent gov--and it seemed like there was nowhere to turn! i new i needed some kind of distraction, but a positive one else...
  4. Coded Games


    There has been plenty of talk about coronavirus in profile posts but I think that there is enough to talk about now that it is worth making a topic about it. How is everyone doing? Where are you at? How is the virus there? Are you doing anything to avoid getting sick (self quarantine)? Are you...