1. a_lone_

    Windows Game freeze upon colliding with a corner.

    I've spent a while getting my movement code with proper acceleration and smooth collisions to work with as a little code as possible, and while I was doing so my ideas changed a lot and the code still has remnants of old organization. At some point in the process, I discovered that whenever I...
  2. Edwin

    GML Help with dash to corner problem!

    Hello, I have a problem. Well, my game is basic platformer (just for now) with dash system and when player dashes and then collides with corner, he stucks and makes something I can't explain when you press jump button. CODE: This code looks like it's very hard to understand, but if you...
  3. D

    Legacy GM Question Regarding Sprite Collision and Corners

    (Placeholder Doom sprites) I have many different types of weapons. Some have knockback, one even pulls the enemy closer, enemies can fall off ledges, etc. In my game, the enemy can FALL vertically down, and even have horizontal speed as well. Thus, falling down at an angle or slope. Many...
  4. H

    Legacy GM [Solved] Need Help for Horizontal Collision - Stuck in Corner of Walls

    Version: Standard Edition (v1.4.1763) Experience: 4 days Hi everyone, I'm brand new to GameMaker and any type of coding in general. I'm also not the brightest individual, so I hope you can bear with me! I understand there are quite a few of these topics, but I was unable to find a solution in...
  5. M

    GML How to make healtbar to stay in right corner? [solved]

    Hey, I would like to code the hp bar to stay at the top right but I don't know how to make it work. Any help. My code is: draw_sprite(healtbar_empty,1,obj_player.x-380,obj_player.y - 170); draw_sprite_ext(healtbat_full,1,obj_player.x-380,obj_player.y - 170,obj_player.hp/25,1,0,c_white,1)...
  6. C

    GMS 2 [Solved] Platformer - Stuck when collide corner

    I have searched and only found 1 thread with a similar problem, but he was using different code and the solution was never really shown... Plus he was on GMS1.4 and I don't know if that makes a big difference. This is my first foray into GMS 2.0, and I wish i could find a "show object...