1. Nathan

    Windows Is copying objects between project files possible? (

    I'd like to copy a few objects and put them into a new project so that I can use that as a testing sandbox and simplify everything for sharing as I'm having trouble with one thing in a very complicated game, and don't want to upload the game for people to look at the issue. I tried copying the...
  2. BELLER Lab

    GMS 2 Android Devices shader surface_copy problem

    Hi ! I'm trying to use a black hole shader that I found online (Made by flyingsaucerinvasion) on Android Device, the shader code is pretty simple (I just modified it to do a simple Alpha Transition) but the problem come from the Draw Event of the Black Hole : if(!surface_exists(surf)) surf =...
  3. zendraw

    GMS 2 array to list

    can you copy an array to a list without manually looping thru?
  4. 2

    GMS 2 Copy Tilemap Delete Remake, Set All/Invert Properties

    If I want gather a tilemap delete and remake it from info I store in an object. What's the best way to do this? I could loop through the tilemap data and set each property with tile_get_flip(tiledata), tile_get_rotate(tiledata), ect. This is sort of working for me, but would using the tilemap...
  5. 2

    GMS 2 Copy Each Tile in Tilemaps and Produce Copy Maps Later

    I need to collect data on what each tile is in tilemaps in order to remake the tilemaps later and perform a few operations on them. I also need to do this for how many ever tilemaps are in a room. Given that I have the data on which tilemaps exist in the room how do I store what each tile is...
  6. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Copy data from a 2d array to another 2d array?

    Rather straight forward: I'm currently trying to find a method to copy 2d array data from one object to another. I know array_copy() exists but that seems to only work with 1D arrays. Any help is appreciated.
  7. A

    iOS Compile failure - testing on IOS Xcode

    I have set up my mac and Windows computers and established the connection between them in the Game Maker Preferences. Also, I have my developer certificate needed to develop games for IOS (And have that Cert loaded into game maker). In Xcode, I entered the package name, and game name as seen in...
  8. B

    Resembling A Real Character Sprite

    From your best judgement, does my character resemble the already existent character on the left or am I safe to use this? I was really referencing that image which is from a real game and I tried to change it up with my own creative twist to it. I just dont want this to create problems if I post...
  9. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension Copy Paste iOS, Mac & Android

    Copy Paste iOS, Mac & Android Marketplace: Primal category: Extension Price: $4.99 Modules: iOS, Mac & Android Support: Description: Now you can copy strings from you game to the clipboard and...
  10. XirmiX

    GML Loading instances from one room into another

    Doing things with rooms and between rooms is kind of new to me, so sorry for my noobishness in the field while I'm working with (and doing just fine with) networking. I have used debugging and found out that the code only gets as far as the for loop before aborting the process. Perhaps the...
  11. 2

    GML Possible? txt file: Read Part of Line & Copy, Later Read Other Half of Line & Copy

    When reading from a txt file is it possible to read only a certain number of characters from a line copy that part only then later (on a different frame) start reading from that line at the place you stopped and copy that part only. This would be to prevent slow down if a line was excessively...
  12. R

    GML Creating variables for copied instances

    Hi everyone! Let's say I have an object in my room. Then, through some way, I copy this object, creating a new instance of it. I can keep copying it if I want, ending up with multiple instances of that object. What I would like to know is, if it's possible to address a new variable to the...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Create/copy instance from object

    Hey there everyone I'm trying to make something, but it's getting really difficult. I'd like to share it with you. I have one button object on screen, called 'obj_button'. I made a piece of code so I can drag and drop it anywhere I want, and it's working fine. But what I'm trying to achieve...
  14. jb skaggs

    GMS 2 Ds_grid adding items <solved>

    How would go about the following: I have a grid 3x4, I need to copy to new grid but I need to change grid size a d entry numbers. So on row one A 2 75 B 6 39 I need to split each row by 2nd. Column like so A 1 75 A 1 75 B 1 39 B 1 39 B 1 39 B 1 39 B 1 39 B 1 39 Etc So the height of new...
  15. H

    Windows Can't paste code from other applications

    I've been trying to transfer a small project over from GMS1 lately, but I've noticed that I'm unable to paste copied text from any outside application into GMS2's code editor; it seems like it uses its own clipboard, independent of my system's clipboard. Has anyone else run into this issue?
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Object copying another object's sprite?

    Is there any (not too complicated) way to make an object copy another object's sprite? Thanks! :)
  17. U

    Easiest way to use the room editor?

    I'm going through the Coding Breakout tutorial, and it was a pain adding all those bricks. Let me explain: I could have just left clicked and added all instances of the bricks one-by-one. I probably should have done it that way. However I was thinking this works like most editors, where you...