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  1. D

    Question - D&D Paste Blocks to top instead of bottom?

    Is there a way to change where the blocks are placed when pasting into the DnD event window? Right now it puts them at the very bottom of the event, but I commonly find myself wanting them at the top so they are ran first. Is there a way to change this default or request the option be added...
  2. F

    Mac OSX Copy and Paste in Room Editor Not Working

    Hi All, I have been working on a project now for about 8 months using the Mac OSX version. Previously I have been able to copy and paste objects within the instances layers, but now can't seem to do so. Has any one run into this problem, or have any fixes... Thanks for the help!
  3. Richard Horne

    Question - IDE Copy and Paste not working

    I think I've discovered something of a bug in GM 2.0. ( Basically I'm using clipboard_set_text(string); to copy some text to the clipboard during the running of my game, but after having set this, whenever I try and copy some other text, the originally copied text remains in the...
  4. T

    Question - IDE Copy-Paste Issue with Code Editors

    It seems I can't paste into the editors from external sources, nor copy from GMS2 into external sources. Does GMS2 maintain it's own clipboard? Is there any way I can modify a setting to change this behavior?
  5. V

    Windows [AUTOSOLVED]Need to clipboard copy and paste lots of formatted txt

    I am looking for a way to clipboard copy and paste txt in and out of GM while preserving the basic line formatting as found in the txt file. Something like... str = clipboard_get_text_formatted(); //coverts Windows line brakes into the # character format used in Game Maker. // add letters to...