1. E

    Current object position (x, y)

    I have to sprites: Warrior_Idle (width/height - 65/52) Warrior_Attack (width/height - 110/60) So when I use sprite_index to replace "idle animation" with "attack_animation", the animation jumps to the right. Before applying new animation, I need to adjust postion, e.g. set x -=42, y -=2. How...
  2. M

    Saving x and y

    I have an object that is moving about the screen and at one point stops and after a while starts moving again. Let's say when it stops, how do I save it's x and y in a variable or something so that when the object starts moving again the x and y that I saved do not change?
  3. G

    At speed>1, not all pixels visited

    Hi, I'm writing a project in which an object moves and turns in 2D top view. Right = CW, Left = turn CCW, Up = inc speed. Now, when the speed is >1, not all sequential x,y points along the direction line are visited. How would you suggest I get at all these points (without doing analytical...
  4. E

    GMS 2 path_position via xy-coordinates

    Hello, I am currently making a game, where you can drag a circle object away from a rectangular closed path. The path is defined through the collision mask of an object, which is an invisible, non filled, 1 pixel wide, rectangle. Now if you place the circle object directly back on the path...
  5. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Virtual Key dragging

    How do you drag somthing with the virtual key. like how do you get the coordinates of where you tap on the screen? thanks.
  6. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Questions about "axis scale"

    How far does "axis scale" in GMS go? Is it possible to make your own axis on top of it? Everything that happens within a game needs an area, a sandbox space of coordinates, if you will that will allow things to move around. Well, for one reason, I got curious as for how far a scale can really...
  7. T

    Mouse Click coordinates (x,y)

    Hi, is there a way to get the mouse click coordinates? I need to know the distance between x,y of LBM when pressed and, after moving it, the x, y when released. Thanks
  8. Erayd

    Shaders Coordinate Issue

    I cannot seem to find a solution to my problem no matter how much time and research I put in to this topic. By all sources, my code is correct and I should have no problem, yet I do and now I need some expertise. My goal is to edit a sprite in a shader based on it's current pixel. I can't seem...
  9. LucasSchachtMusic

    Legacy GM [(i think it's) SOLVED] ini file for every single object?

    Hey guys! It's me again with another noob question :D I'm going to explain you what exactly I'm looking for first. Here I have a picture of a lot of buttons, to which I'd like to assign a string and two coordinates. So rightclicking one of these buttons saves the last stored mouse...
  10. JAG

    GMS 2 Tile location

    Hi Im new to GML and GMS in general, and while I find everything generally pretty intuitive Im confused about some of the aspects of how tiles work. Is there some easy way for me to get the location of an individual tile that Ive set in a tilemap? `tilemap_get_at_pixel` seemed promising; I can...
  11. The Reverend

    Shaders Basic Shader Q: set alpha to texcoord.x ?

    I'm trying to understand fragment shaders at least a bit by programming some shaders wich gradually get more comlpex. Currently I'm stuck at a seemingly simple task: ignore the alpha of the sprite and just gradiantly increase alpha from left to right. Like this: I thought this would be...
  12. A

    GML Typewriter style text not drawing correctly via Timeline

    All that follows is executed via a timeline So I have a cutscene type thing, that flips between two rooms, seven times (then flips to new room the eighth time). On the 1, 3, 5, 7th time, I want text to write (in typewriter style). Now I've mostly achieved this but the text only writes on 1...
  13. A

    Shaders [SOLVED] Normal Map Shader Coordinate System Problem

    Hey I am trying to use a shader to add simple normal map lighting to my game. I am about 90% there, but there seems to be a discrepancy between the game coordinate system and my shader's coordinate system, and I can't seem to wrap my head around how to get them to line up. I know that it...
  14. Turkish Coffee

    [SOLVED] Precise Collision Check (x,y)

    Greetings, I'm making a boss for my game and that boss launches a fireball and this fireball moves towards the coords thats given when fireball is created and the coords gets determined by creating an object on top of the player. (It just gets it :P) The problem is, I want to get a return when...
  15. F

    Built-in Physics : problem with fixtures

    Hi guys, I've been trying to get into built-in physics in Game Maker, in order to make Tetromino shapes which can collide with each other, fall, etc. (like in the game Tricky Towers) I wanted to make a fixture for the L-shaped piece, but since GM doesn't allow for concave fixtures, I tried...
  16. P

    Getting x and y coordinates

    Hello, is there a way to get the x and y coordinates of the sub-images of a sprite ?!
  17. D

    Android flipping the way numbers go? gps my mind is blown help

    im working on a gps game and im fundamentally stumped on something im sure is simple. gps latitude coordinates are positive above 0 and negative below it. ingame y coordinates are negative above 0 and positive below it. the below formula calculates the offset from the center object to show...
  18. D

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Saving current coordinates as a constant

    Say I want an object to save its initial x or y coordinates into a variable. In the create event, I want to make the variable x0 to equal the x value at that point, where it was created. How would I do that?
  19. sercan

    To obtain object coordinates and angles in room.

    Hi, Is there any easy way to get a list of the coordinates and angles of all objects exist in room? Thanks.
  20. E

    Dropping an object so it 'attaches'

    Hi, I am making a game where a game 'board' is made up of many different objects that are randomly selected. A player 'piece' is then drag an dropped onto one of these 'board' objects as the player progresses through the game. The player may choose to 'rotate' one of the 'board' pieces...