1. Helghast_01

    Windows The Strange Stuff 2

    Finished a game recently and released it on The sequel to the strange stuff 1 is finally here, featuring customizable controls; split screen coop; xbox gamepad support; over 17 weapons all of which you can carry with you, some dismemberment gore...
  2. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 How to "Reserve" a Controller Slot for Player 1?

    I have my game setup where if there are more than 1 player, they can each use a controller. But, how would I "reserve" a controller slot for player 1? Since the way I currently have it working is, that in 1 player mode, the 1st player can use either the keyboard OR a controller. But, because of...
  3. B

    Demo Coop detective game

    Hi (you can skip this one paragraph) I was thinking where to post it and if I should even post it. For me it is finished, so I could post it to Made with gamemaker. But it is very unfinished game, so it is better to post here, maybe in game design, but whatever. I spent on this game about a...
  4. J

    Is there any way to check if a player gets stuck (crushed)?

    I made a platformer with moving platforms, but there is an issue. When I get between the moving platform and a solig wall, I get stuck in the wall. I want the player to die when he gets crushed like this. How can I check for this situation?
  5. Brodie

    Alpha There Will Be Ink - Tactical Action Shooter w. Local Co-op

    Hello there! There Will Be Ink is a tactical action game for 1-4 players. Play solo or with friends in 4 player battles between stick figure armies on a paper notepad, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! Here is a short trailer showing some gameplay: Features...
  6. tobi_matchup

    Windows Siam Twinstick

    Hey GameMaker Community, finally I have released my game on! It took me about 2 years to complete... much longer than I have planed. So here it is Siam Twinstick Pilots, wake up! You are awakened by a strange, godlike creature and your mission is to save the world from evil with...
  7. S

    Legacy GM Local Coop Control help

    Hey there, I am fairly new and grinding through prototyping different systems. Right now, I am working on a 2 player local multiplayer game and want to set up so that Player 1 uses set keys from Player 2 on the keyboard to move about. I have the 2 players moving separately but using separate...
  8. tobi_matchup

    Beta Siam Twinstick - Twin Stick Shooter - up to 2 players

    OPEN BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Guys, the open beta for "Siam Twinstick" has finally started. Included are the first 3 levels of the game (with a boss). The game is actually almost done, it lacks little things like more sounds, a few effects and fine tuning. The final game includes 22 level a 6...
  9. BeardyElf

    Gun Gears

    Gun Gears is a top down shooter which can be played alone or with a friend on a same computer. You can use gamepad or keyboard and mouse. Menus currently dont work with controller yet. Some of the graphics, sound fx are placeholders. Music is also temporary (I recommend listening to Strafe or...
  10. 2Bad Games


    GAME DESCRIPTION 2URVIVE is an Indie top down shooter. The action takes place in a devastated world (as always ^^). Inspired by classic zombie movies, the Infected are everywhere. Follow Alan and John, two brothers who try to run away from this nightmare ! Kill the Infected and survive are...
  11. N

     Cookop: Co-op cooking game

    Hi everyone, We was hoping we could get some feedback on our game, and perhaps even some interested players when time comes? :O If you're interested in keeping up to date with the game, remember to follow it on the gamepage by clicking here ! :) Pre-Alpha Gameplay: Short Decription Cookop...
  12. G

    Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelike Platformer

    Star Rogue is an upcoming sci-fi roguelike platformer for PC and Linux. In this challenging pixel indie game you will take control over a brave space marine to investigate an abandoned space station full of traps, robots and aliens. In each playthrough you will encounter a different environment...
  13. BeardyElf

    Cosmic Shooter(working title)

    Cosmic Shooter is a topdown single player/coop shooter early in development. You control a soldier doing missions and tasks to the galactic emperor. Player 1 controls are keyboard and mouse and player 2 must use gamepad. In future updates you can choose between keyboard and gamepad. Lot of...
  14. N

    Asset - Scripts [66% OFF] Better CO-OP (Dynamic Split-Screen)

    - 66% OFF, hurry up and take it! - Better COOP is a system that allows you to easy implement split screen to your games. Wanna make a cooperative or competitive videogame? or Wanna implement it with your actual project? With Better COOP you can easy do that!, works for any kind of 2D games...