1. 1

    Mac OSX App force quits whenever trying to convert old file

    I made a game a few years back (2018-2019) and when trying to open with Gamemaker 2 (newly downloaded from my laptop), it says I need to convert the file because it is in an old version. When I click "OK" to convert, the app force quits. Any idea for how to recover my file?
  2. LittleAngel

    Convert a screen coordinate into a 3D value

    Hi everybody ! I'm looking for a script converts an x,y screen coordinate into 3D coordinates with d3d_set_projection (GM 1.4). For example the middle of the screen is x=512 y=384 (for a 1024*768 screen). I would like this middle of the screen (the pointer in a fps game) return the x,y,z values...
  3. RizbIT

    Cant convert project to v2

    tried to open GMS2 project in the new GMS 2.summat... it says its older format and needs to be converted i click ok. other projects have converted successfully but had an issue with this one. After this it just created a new folder with a name i chose, but the project doesnt convert, no...
  4. GunnyBoy

    Converting string to object name to return object ID

    I have objects used for the player to collide into to change rooms called "o_transition". Each object has a unique with a naming convention (current_room_to_target_room) and has a a variable for the current room it's in and the target room to move to in the creation code. I'm trying to find a...
  5. Daniel Mallett


    Not sure if this is the correct place for this question but it's not really a programming question. Sorry in advance if I should have put it there. I have a number of questions regarding spine compatibility. This is my first time using spine so I know next to nothing. 1) When will Game Maker...
  6. S

    Updating old Game Maker for Mac projects

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of upgrading my old Game Maker for Mac (GM7?) projects to GMS 2. To do this I first have to import the old .gmk files into GMS 1.4, however what I hit 'play' in GMS 1.4 I am getting some errors, and I have no clue what they mean or how to fix them...
  7. T

    help updating an old project

    I would like to see the source code to a old pokemon movement engine on the game maker legacy forums. My issue is the file is a .gmk, but there does not seem to be a way to open it in game maker studio 2. Could some one with a older version of game maker studio update the .gmk so I can view it...
  8. Nathan

    Mac OSX Creating vectors from pngs for GMS2

    I've recently decided to try using vectors for some of my sprites to get much higher quality scaling out of them. All of my sprites are currently gif and png (2D sprite game), so I need to convert them to vectors that GMS2 can import. I tried using photoshop/image ready to export as swf, but...
  9. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM Convert to GMS code: tiles placed in room editor

    Hello all, Is there a utility or other means to convert to regular GMS code, the positions of tiles that have been placed in the editor? I checked the file, and see that tiles seem to be handled by html style like this: <tiles> <tile bgName="background0" x="32" y="64" w="16"...
  10. Furkan Karabudak

    Android [OK] Game breaks down when you convert to Android?

    (sorry for my bad English) My game is working good at Windows. But I am making an Android game. When I export game for Android , game is breaking . I tryed game on different Android devices but game is running corrupted . All sprites , backgrounds , objects confused ! I have a video of game but...
  11. zendraw

    Legacy GM From string to real

    Hi, so im trying to write a text !@#F!@E! and turn that text into real numbers like this !=5 @=6 #=120 F=12 etc. this idea came from the fact that the characters in the font are numbers and what i tryed is stats=chr(5)+chr(1)+chr(12)+chr(42); and then im not sure how to turn those characters...
  12. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Math: Find x|y from degrees (crabwalk)

    Greetings, I'm in a 'punch-up' with some math again, and would like some assistance. If I'm facing 315 degrees, and I want to stay facing in that direction, but move at a right angle (90 degrees) to my left or right, How would I find the x and y for that? (At any given time, I may change the...
  13. J

    Asset - Scripts Sprite to Voxel - Easily convert sprites to 3D models with a few script calls

    Hi everyone! I've recently finished an asset I've been working on to make 3D models out of flat 2D sprites (by splitting the sprite into layers and stacking them together). It even works for animated sprites (converting them into animated models)! Sprite to Voxel on the Marketplace...
  14. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Draw_Set *free*

    "One Function to set them all, One Function to define them, One Function to manage them all and in the draw_event bind them" Draw_Set() is a combination of the functions draw_set_color(), draw_set_font(), draw_set_alpha(), draw_set_halign() and draw_set_valign() with builtin color-conversion...
  15. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM difference between coordinates

    does anybody know the difference between the draw gui event coordinates and the draw event coordinates? is there a way to convert between them? is there a way to make myself a statement that automatically converts between them depending on the view?