1. 1

    Mac OSX App force quits whenever trying to convert old file

    I made a game a few years back (2018-2019) and when trying to open with Gamemaker 2 (newly downloaded from my laptop), it says I need to convert the file because it is in an old version. When I click "OK" to convert, the app force quits. Any idea for how to recover my file?
  2. Endzerhi

    GMS 2.3+ Mouse button checking is inconsistent/unresponsive.

    I just recently converted a Gamemaker 1.4 project to Gamemaker 2, and I've noticed that the game tends to dip in frames when loading new textures for the first time. In addition to this, mouse_check_button_released functions in my main menu room have stopped working consistently. When clicked...
  3. U

    GMS 2.3+ GMS 2.3 conversion error

    Hi! I have a project made before version 2.3. Back in a previous version the program crashed while renaming and erasing some scripts. Since this happened I always got an error each time I loaded the project, the error said something like it wasn't able to find the file...
  4. Frederick Foote

    Converting game from 1.4 to 2.0. Issue with code for <=.

    Im trying to convert my game from 1.4 to 2. I'm getting the compile error seen below. Seems to revolve around the '<=' part. What is the gamemaker 2 change for this? Errors: Error : gml_GlobalScript_inventory_draw_optionbox(69) : Assignment operator expected Error ...
  5. zendraw

    Question - IDE game maker audio conversion

    so i uploaded sounds and music to my project, in ogg format but noiw it converts them to wav? didnt they have to be in ogg? what format to use for sfx and what for tracks? and does it matter since it converts them to wav.
  6. S

    Discussion How to get SWF images in GM:S

    I am trying to convert both my studio's logo and the logo of my current game from a bitmap to a vector image. After doing some research, I found out that GameMaker: Studio only accepts SWF vector images...
  7. T

    stand alone gmk converter

    A gmk is the old save format for game maker, game maker studio 2 can't read or open them. Quite common when browsing the legacy forums. You can easily ask for some one here on the forums to updated for you, but wouldn't it be better if we had a stand alone gmk to game maker studio 1-2 converter...
  8. V

    GML Convert precise number from string

    Is there any way to convert string like "‭0.01780942‬" to a number ? I used real() function but it automatically rounds to "0.02". code (file_read is a string): file_read = real(file_read); output: DECODE_fileRead: 0.02 (file_text_read_real() gives the same result)
  9. N

    Windows Converting my game to other platforms

    I'm making a game in GMS2 on a WIndows 10. Is there a way to also convert it to Mac or Linux? I tried changing it in the top-right corner but it tells me to plug in my Mac, which I don't have. Can I convert to Mac without owning a Mac? I've seen other game engines be able to do this.
  10. S

    Writing a large number to shorter format

    I want to know how to write a large number in a shorter format. Conditions-> 1> I have a variable ' Y ' increasing at a non-uniform rate 2> Let's say, if Y = 2243054, I want to write it as 2243 K +54. 3> Considering the above example, let's have arrays d[1]= 2243 and dx[1]= 54 So how to make...
  11. HayManMarc

    (SOLVED) I can't figure out the math. Can you help?

    Calling all math gurus and wizards... I don't know how to explain this with proper terminology, so I'll do my best and hope you understand. I need an algorithm that will convert a number line. I have a number line from 270 to 1600. I would like an algorithm that will convert that number line...
  12. alexhinton

    Steam Conversion to Steam?

    Wondering if any code needs to be altered between a windows version of the game and a steam version. I realize that steam needs to be integrated in the game. Otherwise is it virtually a "windows game?"
  13. Dmi7ry

    Asset - Scripts Number conversion and other

    GMS 1.x, GMS 2 Price: Free Marketplace link Small scripts which I use in my projects. Version 1.2.1 (20-Aug-2017): added some new scripts and fixed/improved few old (because GMS's changes) List of scripts: 1D arrays array_add_to_list(array, list) array_create_ext(value, ...)...
  14. csanyk

     Conversion notes error with draw_set_color() in original project

    Imported my project from 1.4, read Conversion Notes: I don't use a variable named "draw_set_color" -- I was using the gml function draw_set_color(color). This error appeared in several objects where I do use draw_set_color() in each case I am using the gml function, not using a variable named...
  15. C

    Converting Studio project back to 8.1?

    First of all, hello! I've just joined the GameMaker forums. I've been developing in 8.1 (but I do own studio) for the last three or so years. Anyway, onto my issue, and I apologize in advance if this doesn't really count as "Tech" Support: GameMaker 8.1 contains some functions I need for a new...
  16. K

    Windows Heroes 3: Complete RAMPAGE (A Beat'em up conversion of HOMM3 :D)

    We've created an unusual conversion. Classic HoMM3 into a bloody, keyboard and gamepad driven Player vs Player fighting/beat'em up experience :D ENJOY ! „Antagarich ceased to exist. The final clash of Armageddon's Blade and Sword of Frost has destroyed the kown world. However, the flame...