1. E

    GMS 2.3+ Gamepad not working

    Hello! I have been trying to implement gamepad controls to my game, however, It seems like GameMaker cant detect any input on the controller to demonstrate I'm using this code: show_debug_message(gamepad_button_check(0, gp_face1)) (don't know if this counts but I'm using a ps4 controller)
  2. C

    Discussion PS5 Duelsense support

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know if or when Gamemaker studio 2 will support PS5 Duelsense features such as Haptic triggers, rumble and the controller speaker. I've also noticed that the d-pad is not mapped?
  3. R

    Mac OSX Nintendo Switch Pro Controller + Xbox Series X/S Wireless on Mac?

    I browsed many topics about using the 'Nintendo Switch Pro Controller' on my Mac OSX. All threads I found got it to work on basic level and and some buttons on the Switch Pro. In my case, it doesn't trigger anything at all, yet it's detected by Game Maker? The controller works fine in Steam...
  4. J

    Windows Right analogue stick not responding as expected.

    Hi all, this is my first post so aplogies if its in the wrong place. I have a google stadia controller plugged into a windows laptop. All the buttons work fine as does the left analogue stick. The right analogue stick on the other hand performs a little weird. -gp_axisrh returns right stick...
  5. Mookal

    GMS 2 Finding the Real Distance a Joystick is Pushed

    I'm making a game where the character's speed is analog, based on how much the player pushes the left stick on a connected controller. I'd think finding the distance between the joystick's position and its origin would be simple: var xpos = gamepad_axis_value(0, gp_axislh); var ypos =...
  6. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ PS4 virbration not working

    Does Gamemaker Studio 2.3+ support vibration for the PS4 controller. I'm running the rumble function but nothing is happening. I read that if it shows up in slot 4 that it means direct input and will not work. Does this apply to pressure sensitive controls aswell. I swear in the past even back...
  7. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Controller reporting incorrectly

    I'm running the gamepad_is_supported(); function. It reports true when no controller is connected. How does it know? This makes no sense to me.

    Windows Detect controller type for correct button prompts

    What is the current best way to detect a controller type? I would like to display button prompts automatically according to the type of controller. - gamepad_get_description(gamepadID) is unreliable. When ran from Steam, it always returns "Xinput Standard Controller" - even for a PS4 or another...
  9. V

    How do I get rid of the gamepad stats in the top corner?

    I have tried the code in a new project and it doesn't show up. No matter how I alter the code in the current project it just doesn't go away. Is there a setting or something to turn this off?
  10. zendraw

    GMS 2 Xbox360 controller dont work

    a friend`s xbox 360 controller doesnt work with the game, while it works with other games. i have a tracer controller which works fine with the game. what culd the problem be with his controller? how can i debug this?
  11. Tofu Heavy Industries

    GML Gamepad inputs without Analog Stick

    I can't get my game to recognize any directional input from a controller without analog sticks. Such as a 8bitdo nes/snes usb controller. If I plug in a XInput controller (such as a PS2 w/ usb converter), I can use either the analog sticks or the dpad, but if the controller doesn't have analog...
  12. KyleRansford

    SOLVED Controller Input Using Object Variables Issue

    Can anyone tell me why this isn't working properly? I have made a Player Controller Input object o_input, o_inputP2, o_inputP3 & o_inputP4 with a menu Switch statement so each player can actually choose what slot their controller will be in. I have different modes the menus work in, but this...
  13. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 How to use a GamePad?

    I know that is a very vague question, but if we just assume that I have a completely empty project and I want to see if a specific controller is pressing the right trigger. I know that there is a way to make a 1D array of the controllers that are currently plugged in, is there a way to select...
  14. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 How to "Reserve" a Controller Slot for Player 1?

    I have my game setup where if there are more than 1 player, they can each use a controller. But, how would I "reserve" a controller slot for player 1? Since the way I currently have it working is, that in 1 player mode, the 1st player can use either the keyboard OR a controller. But, because of...
  15. WimpyLlama

    Not reconizing any gamepads

    I'm trying to get gamepad support working for my game but GMS2 won't recognize any of my controllers. I've tried my NS Pro Controller and PS4 Controller, both wired and not wired, but nothing is working. They both get recognized by Windows and both work in all the games I tested (Hyperlight...
  16. S

    GMS 2 How to have right stick override left stick?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a small project in the GMS 2 trial version and I've run into a problem. I am trying to make my player aim an object around him while he's moving with the left stick on the controller, but you can also switch to the left stick for precise aiming. The thing...
  17. M

    Controller Not Recognized

    Hi. I have an issue connecting the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to my game. This specific issue arises only when I connect it using a universal object that is created before everything else, where the game refuses to recognize it exists. When I place the exact same code in the get_input event...

    Legacy GM connecting a 8bitdo controller (SNES)

    hey yall, just wondering if it was possible to connect my snus 8bitdo controller to my game maker game. I know you could do it for Xbox but I didn't know if it is possible for game maker. it connects to windows and can work with many emulators but if i want to add it in my game, 1 how and 2 is...
  19. J

    Multiple controller pointers

    Hi All, I've been struggling with this problem for quite a while now and haven't seen anything on it so either its painfully obvious or it may require someone a little bit smarter to help! Essentially i'm making a multiplayer game that is predominately controller based. Each player has a...
  20. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [Solved + Code] How to check what button is being pressed on the gamepad?

    Trying to work on key rebinds for both keyboard and controller. While I have the keyboard portion completed I'm a bit confused on bow to determine what button is being pressed on the controller. Basically is there function similar to keyboard_key for gamepad input?