1. N

    Windows Hi I have problem withe the my player control

    Hi I have problem withe the my player control. it is working but when i colide the wall and have pressed Key W & Key A or Key W & Key S or Key S & Key A or Key S & Key D . player stop moving and i need relase one key to move . in Wall object i only mark as SOLID . if i...
  2. Pyxus

    GMS 2 Controlling The View

    So in my rpg game I had an idea for the camera zooming in and out as a stylistic choice so that if you were, for example, selecting a player the camera would zoom in slightly towards that player, and if you then select the "move" option the camera would zoom out. I figured the best way to do...
  3. K

    Orbiting Controls [SOLVED]

    Hello all, so I'm working on a game and I would like to know how to use two keys(A+D, Left + Right arrow) as controls to orbit an object.
  4. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Stream *NEW ASSET*

    # Introduction Stream provides a completely new way to structure your code. It allows you to manage an object and all of its events in one script. If you ever thought something along the line of "Man, it would be nice if I wouldn't have to wage this war against the GM IDE...with object-windows...
  5. R

    Help with control actions and "other"

    I have the following problem: I am trying to create a simple "lights off" clone without scripting. But the control actions don't properly fill in the other variable it seems. I am trying to replace a neighboring object instance. I have tried: "Check Collision" and "Check Object" without...
  6. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Question about global variables

    Since I'm creating a top-down shooter MMO, a question about global variables came up to me... I don't exactly have much knowledge of how to implement dedicated server-based gameplay, but still it kept nudging me; if I set a global variable, would it be global to only one player's character or...
  7. Ayziak

    Legacy GM Question regarding touchscreens & multi-touch

    So I'm currently working on adding touch control arrows to my game. My game would require split touch control (e.g. D-pad on the left, joystick on the right.) I'm wondering what is the best way to go around doing this, so my game could essentially recognize multiple clicks in multiple places at...
  8. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Flags *UPDATE*

    UPDATE: v2.0.2; New: Last version included as a rollback-possibility Clearer seperation between global and local Flags Reduced amount of macros to use Added possibility to access local Flags of one object from another Added shortcut-functions that are very useful if Flag system is intensively...
  9. XirmiX

    Legacy GM [Solved] Can camera borders be controlled via code? Can objects not collide but be force affected?

    Sorry for the title getting a bit crammed there. Didn't have enough characters to put a dash in-between "force" and "affected" and add a question mark at the end :P So, I'm working on my game and a problem I'm getting is that "zoom in" and "zoom out" doesn't really work out properly. I've done...
  10. Z

    object_get_name() with variable

    Okay, I have a serious problem that I'm really confused about. So my game revolves around a mechanic in which the player can take control of other characters (objects). I have one central control object with all of the movement and player controls, using a 'with' and a global variable to store...
  11. XirmiX

    Legacy GM [Solved] Game Maker physics seem pretty wonky. Any way to fix this?

    Have 2 rectangular/square objects, one which is your "playable character" and another which is a wall. Both have physics on. I've added the ability to move for the object you control (and made it Kinematic as well); When you press up this is the code that get carried out: if speed != 6 { speed...