1. B

    HTML5 Problem with Web Exports and window focus.

    I don't know how to explain it exactly. But I have a problem when I upload my web exports to places like What happens is, after the game first loads, sometimes you can't play/control it until after you refresh the page. Also if you click outside the game window, clicking inside the game...
  2. М

    GMS 2 Need help setting up player management

    How to make a character move independently (after pressing a button), and I use only buttons to change its horizontal and vertical directions? Help me please :)
  3. A

    Legacy GM Trying to switch between control of three objects

    I'm able to control both the first and third character using a variable called global.character = [number] in obj_control but not the second character for whatever reason I thought at first it was because global character is strictly a binary statement but i can successfully switch between 1 and 3
  4. Raskovia

    GML Change character control when colliding with an invisible object

    Hey! I´ve been having a headache meanwhile i was trying to resolve the code to do this: the videogame am making is told in the view of the three principal characters, despite the lineal story. I cant make the player object change their sprites (because they have a lot) and also, the mecanics...
  5. tagwolf

    True Perfect Platformer Controls (input buffer, air control, diagonal collision, etc)

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: NA Summary: I've noticed pretty much no platformer tutorials account for tweaking control feel, input buffering, air control, etc. So I'm tossing it here hoping it will be of help to someone. Features: * Move...
  6. 2

    Asset - Service Does Publisher Choose when Products Go On Sale or Yoyo?

    As a publisher to the Marketplace do you control when your products go on sale, or just the sale price?
  7. Architheutis

    Controlling emitter

    Hi developers. :) I recently solved the problem with playing sounds, coming from enemies = sound direction, where and how distant the enemy is from the player. Now I want the same effect with moving enemies. For example: I created a patrolling knight with rusty amour. That makes sounds with...
  8. Architheutis

    Simple Weapon-Aiming and Shots

    Hi Folks, I`m an interested beginner in programming and using GMS2. I´ve already seen different YT-Tutorials, f.e. making a Jump`N`Run game. I can follow all codes and steps. But I hang up on a simple weapon behaviour. Maybe there is somebody can gimme a hint!? I have a fully functional...
  9. T

    GMS 2 On display "controler" to move player

    Hi, I am not sure what is the correct name, for what I am looking for. :rolleyes: You might all know this controls on a device (smartphone) that you can use on screen to move the player around (up,down,left,right) with your thumb. I am looking for a way (or an extension if such exists) to...
  10. N

    Legacy GM problems with keyboard_key_press and release

    I like to use game maker to make personal helpful programs besides games. Me and a friend wanted to make a solution for playing local coop games online using networking and forced key presses. I understand this may not be the original intent for these functions, but after making some progress I...
  11. matharoo

    Question - IDE How can I disable the source control icons?

    I have a project that is a git repository. I manage it using Git GUI, so I don't use GMS2 for the source control. It still shows the icons: How can I remove those? I couldn't find a related option in the preferences. I have not enabled SCM in GMS2, it automatically detected the git...
  12. B

    GML Characters Sudden impetuous

    Presently, I am undertaking Gm2 course and hitherto this is the movement code: /// movePlayerState() // if player in the air if (!place_meeting(x, y+1, Solid)) { velV += accelG; //Control player jump sprite sprite_index = sPlayerJump; image_speed = 0; image_index =...
  13. T

    GMS 2 Controls Tutorial

    I want to introduce the controls to the player so he/she knows how the controls work. What is the best way to do that? Having a text pop up for one time only? Make an extra room with sprites where you can see the controls explained and after that walk into a portal to begin the game? Or...
  14. C

    2D Platformer Knockback

    I'm using the code from this video, I tried searching all throughout the internet for a good tutorial for 2d platformer knockback, however the ones i could find allowed the player to move after being hit, or were for other genres of videogames,like topdown shooters. Could anyone please either...
  15. V

    need help with some movement

    hi i am having a similar problem and could use a new set of eyes as well as help. ///the square with the turn is the issue ///the code works some of the time depending on the speed of car witch is in alarm 0 ///left pressed starts alarm 0 if speed < 10 { direction = direction speed += .5...
  16. M

    [HELP]How to control ONLY one object when u have X objects on your background

    Hi guys , i want to control only one object at the same time , because i created a board game , and each player have 4 pieces . It is possible on GMS to click with the mouse on a piece , to control only this piece and move it when you control it ? I tried with this code at first , without the...
  17. 6

    Mass controlling instances

    Hello! So i'm making a level select screen where will be 90 levels but always 30 of them on display... (actually there are 30 instances) So i make the instances in a cycle and there i do it like this: instance = instance_create(x, y, obj_level_select); instance.level += rise //Level is a...
  18. R

    Inertial movement

    I'm looking for a movement system or tutorial using an 8+ directional inertial movement. I'm toying around with a submarine side-scrolling game and am making the movement system. I came up with a four direction system that works fine on the basic level but falls apart after that. Right now I...
  19. G

    Legacy GM Massive control lag

    Here's my code for camera movement: if ( keyboard_check( ctrl_up ) ) { target_y -= 10 ; }else if( keyboard_check( ctrl_down ) ) { target_y += 10 ; } if ( keyboard_check( ctrl_left ) ) { target_x -= 10 ; }else if( keyboard_check( ctrl_right ) ) { target_x += 10 ; }...
  20. E

    Player Walking...

    I am creating an RPG in the style of the Mother Games and Undertale. I have created separate sprites for my overworld character. One going up, One going down, One going left and One going right. Each contains to images that create a sort of animation. I have programmed it so when you press the...