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  1. Phil Bod

    Free Make a GameMaker game a favorite of the week...

    Hello, I need the support of the community... Vote PhilGood for the favorite of the week on "thegdwc" Very simple : 1 link: http://thegdwc.com and 1 click. Thank you all for your support.
  2. Didjynn

    Suprapong contest

    Hello fellows, I'm just here to say we are making a contest to win 5 Suprapong keys here. It ends this sunday, I know it's short I just forgot to write it here. Better late than never, right ? If you want more infos about the game, you can click on my signature's picture ;) Enjoy !
  3. H

    F&S Play Indie Game Contest

    Hi, I would like to invite you to submit your games to the IX F&S Play Indie Awards. The deadline is October 31th. It´s free to submit your games. F&S Play has established 1 award of 7,000 euros for the best Indie Game Category. The 10 finalists will also receive a free Booth for showing their...
  4. W

    Discussion [CLOSED] CHARACTER OFF!

    Hey! I've seen a thread where you draw what the other person said. Well I'm taking it to the next level - You have to draw a pixel art character based on the description that someone gives you. Let's say I said "A banana man who is bad at art and loves to fight" - You'd have to go off of your...