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  1. S

    Question - IDE Newbie Question about Licenses

    Hi there, I'm very new to this engine and was wondering about what version to buy. Would I be able to buy a windows creator version for $39, then when i've finished my game in a year or so go back and buy a console license to test and export it to a console? Sorry if this is a very beginner...
  2. A

    Discussion Call for aid - Game console for Game creators

    Hi! I'm a student from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm studying Design and Product Realisation. Currently, we're tasked to design a handheld game console for a startup company. The main idea is to make creating games more accessible by creating a handheld console...
  3. A

    GMS 2 Creating Console like CMD in GameMaker

    Hello guys. I'm trying to do a console like CMD (on windows) for my game. I did something but I have a very big problem. I need to create a draw_text code when I hit a button. Its like when you wrote something meaningless on cmd and then enter it says something like "unknown command" and it...
  4. Binsk

    GMS 2 UBG Terminal / Command Console

    Hello there! How would you like a fully functional in-game terminal running in your project in the next 2 minutes? If that sounds good to you then get your hands on it at one of these places: Yoyo Marketplace [$1.99] Upset Baby Games Store [$0.99 crypto only] Itch.IO Store [$1.00] This is the...
  5. J

    GMS 2 asset_get_index() across platforms

    Very simple and straightforward question: How good does asset_get_index() work across all platforms? (especially when dealing with sprite- and scriptnames) Because I am using it as a very important part in the Engine of the Game I am creating, and I read about problems in HTML5 in combination...
  6. K12gamer

    ELON MUSK should make a game console...

    ...or maybe some kind of PC. Elon Musk has billions of dollars from the tech industry...Tesla Cars, Space X, Starlink Satellites etc. He's currently working on something called Neuralink (trying to merge the human brain with A.I.) Given his background in gaming and his company's cutting edge...
  7. Nocturne

    Discussion Playdate - The Console With A Hand Crank

    Soooo.... this has been announced: https://www.dailydot.com/parsec/playdate-hand-crank/ I really don't quite know what to think of it! I mean, I kinda wish the hand crack actually powered the thing, as that would make it ideal for poorer countries or for camping and travel, etc... as no...
  8. BitRoarGames

    GMS 2 Get String in Console Exports

    Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Full - IDE v2.2.1.375 - Runtime v2.2.1.291 So I've been working on a game that I'd like to be more console friendly for future exports and have no idea how getting a user entered string would work on something like PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Since my main target...
  9. B

    GML Save/Load System on Consoles - JSON vs DS Map System

    Hello, I am working on a project that may appear on consoles (XBox, PS4, and potential Nintendo Switch). I am looking into the various ways of saving/loading game data and came across tutorials using JSON and another tutorial that uses DS Map based save systems. I am wondering if consoles need...
  10. CleanWater

    Idea Developing for Mega Drive with GM?

    Is it possible, somehow? Maybe with some workarounds?
  11. B

    Design Room size and resolution for console-only games (Xbox, PS4, Switch)

    Hello, I was browsing the forums and have not found a clear answer or guidelines I should follow. If I plan on making a project only for console purposes (no Windows/Steam), is there an ideal room size and resolution I should stick to? Would building a 1080x1920 resolution be ideal? Are their...
  12. alexhinton

    Favorite Era of Console Graphics

    I really like the cruddy look of old ps1 3d games (the 2d games are beautiful). I also like the look of old school arcade games from the early 80s like Joust, Robotron, and Rampage. What about you guys?
  13. JAG

    Distribution Releasing to consoles

    Hi there Im looking for some resources related to publishing to Playstation and Xbox. Im interested in people's general experiences, the costs incurred, advice/lessons learned etc. I searched the forum but it's tough to filter results properly to get at what Im looking for... Personal...
  14. G

    Asset - Project Testing Helper - Useful tool for game debugging

    Testing Helper is an easy to use and very visual debug console to help games testing and debugging. Testing Helper is a very useful tool that saves your time. Put test_helper object in to the first room and press ctrl (control) while testing your game to open Test Helper window. This is what...
  15. JAG

    Question - IDE alternate to debugger graph?

    Hi Im wondering if there is some way I can display my show_debug_message output in a regular sequential console like in other IDEs? I find the graph view useful but it obscures the order of messages in certain conditions. If there's no built-in way to do this, is there some way to write the...
  16. Cannikin

    Mac OSX show_debug_message doesn't output anything (Solved)

    Howdy, Is it just me or does show_debug_message() not actually output anything to the console? show_message() works fine and displays the little alert box, but show_debug_message() just seems to be silent. I've tried outputting plain text in both Create and Step events (hoping I'd get a ton of...
  17. psyke

    Question - IDE What is the cost of the PS4 Console Export?!?

    I can't find any information about this on the website or FAQ section.
  18. Blackmore

    Discussion Game Maker Studio 2 Vita Module

    Hello folks, I've been talking to Yoyogames staff about Vita module and it appears it isn't included in GMS2 because too few developers are actually using it in GMS. However if there is enough interest to Vita module, they might still reconsider this decision. I am using GMS as a indie...
  19. K

    Master Collection to GMS2 Questions

    So, I see we get 50% off of all the modules so far. That's pretty cool. But I also noticed console modules are mysteriously AWOL from the Master Collection to GMS2 upgrade path. So my question: 1. Will Master Collection owners get 50% off the Console module as well when it comes out? Edit: 2...
  20. K12gamer

    Opinion What do you think of NINTENDO's new Mini Console?

    It's a remake of the old NES. It comes with 30 classic games, one controller and will only cost $59. Only $10 for additional controllers.