connection issues

  1. D

    GMS 2 ANDROID - IAP pop up window and refunds

    Hi guys, I am just trying to implement Google Play Services etc. to my android games, even the Google Play Billing. I figured out it to work thanks to YoYo Games tutorial, I can buy a product and I will get the reward, but every time the game lost internet connection or I start the game without...
  2. Kamil Brzezinski

    UWP Connection to XBOX issue

    Since last GM2 update I can't connect to my dev Xbox One from Game Maker. I can't build or upload to test my game. IP and port is same as in Device Portal on my Xbox One screen. GM Support is not responding.
  3. Posho

    [Solved] No Connection To Marketplace (GM:S 1.4)

    Hello, I just bought an extension but I'm having issues logging in to the Marketplace within GM:S 1.4. Do you know what this could be? I am using the latest stable Steam version (v1.4.1804). Just in case, all of my Firewall permissions are allowed. I just downloaded the latest standalone...
  4. Hello1423

    GMS 2 Unable To Connect To Mac

    To develop for IOS I connected my windows game maker studio 2 to my mac ages ago, and have been using it successfully ever since, until recently. I wanted to try my game on a different phone, which was on a newer version of ios, so I had to update Xcode. After doing that, testing the connection...
  5. G

    Mac OSX Unable to login - no network connection

    I've purchased Gamemaker Studio 2, but I haven't actually been able to use it yet. Every time I try to login, I receive the message "Unable to login - no network connection." Some details: I'm using a Macbook pro 2012, currently running OSX El Capitan Version 10.11.6. I've added GMS2 to my...