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  1. matharoo

    GML Connecting Rooms Through Doors

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: http://matharoo.net/projects/connecting-rooms.yyz Summary: Hi! :) In this tutorial we tackle the problems that come with trying to connect two rooms, so that the player can freely go from one to the other. 1) Connecting Rooms: This one is about...
  2. Drepple

    problems with networking

    hi there, Apologies for the vague title, but I honestly have no idea what's the problem so it's hard to name it. But I can give a description of what's going wrong. I'm working on a little test project to figure out networking a bit more. I start the game twice and have one be the server and...
  3. T

    Android GMS 2 Debugger Ever Worked To Anyone On Android?

    dunno, maybe I'm dumb or missing something, but I've been trying to debug my game on the android platform with game maker studio 2 (GMS for 2 days now, and it just won't work. there's a red/yellow blinking circle in the debugger and when I hover on it it says: "connecting to game..."...
  4. F

    Android Missing file: libyoyo.a - I can't compile on my android device

    Hi :) I've got a really frustrating issue. I wanted to use my Sony Xperia M5 (android) as a testing device, so according to yoyogames help website I downloaded the newest Android SDK, Android NDK 12b and JDK 8u102. I set up android prefereces and Global settings but unfortunately these two...
  5. P

    Android Annoying Google Play login window on game start

    I enable Google Play Service for my game (Leaderboards), and every time I start the game of course google play extension is called (Achievement login) However in my console I am getting this msg: I/yoyo (15865): AchievementLogin() I/yoyo (15865): Calling connect on googleapiclient...