1. teamrocketboyz

    Hazmat Harry + proof of concept DEMO

    Hello all i have been toying with an idea for a game for a few weeks now and have managed to develop a quick video showing what i have so far (its not much but im quite pleased with it). The game will be a platform game where you play as a SPONGE and the idea is to clean up the mess created by...
  2. DomSinkevic

    Portfolio - Art DomSinkevic - Illustrator/Concept Artist available for work

    Hello everyone! My name is Dominik Sinkevic and I am illustrator/conceptartist looking for work. My portfolio: You can contact me by private message or email: -
  3. FeetUpGaming

    Team Request Looking for a team - Profits shared

    Hey I am a programmer of 8+ years and am looking for a team of skilled people to help with projects. This will be a team who is looking to stay permanent and work on future projects together. Pay will be an equal share of profits for everyone, (5 people = 20% of profits each) Our first project...
  4. J

    Portfolio - Art Artist Looking to Work With Team

    New to the forum and looking to help out with your projects! Wanting to build my Character/Item design skills so feel free to contact me if you're interested in working together. I attached some of my more recent work below. If you want to see more you can swing over to my Artstation at...
  5. Cyberdavi

    Portfolio - Art Concept illustrator available for work

    Hello, I'm David and I'm a digital painter looking to visualize your ideas for the development of your games. If you're interested in my work, you can contact me on: Thank you for taking the time to view this!
  6. S

    Portfolio - Art 2D Animator + Illustrator

    Hey everyone! My name is Rita. I am a freelance animator and illustrator. I have focussed on Animation over the last four years, coming from Illustration and Fine Arts background. I am a professional artist of academic training and more than 10 years of freelance experience, working in...
  7. jb skaggs

    Turning my real life woodshop experience into a game

    Im just tossing this out there as a psuedo diary psuedo what Im up do post. I began work on a wood shop simulator game, based on my own shop experiences. Currently I can hire employees, and they can do 2 jobs- run a chopsaw and a run a planer. I made cards for hiring employees- the cards...
  8. X

    Game Mechanics -

  9. D

    Portfolio - Art Concept Designer/Concept Artist/Writer

    My name in these forums is Decus Q. I'm a Concept Designer, Concept Artist and Writer. Sadly I have not made a real video game due to my lack of brain power for tech skills. I'm actually looking to form a team to make Original Story Driven Video Games whether they are RPGs or Simple Casual games...
  10. A

    Idea New Name for Alexander Julian

    I've been designing a game called Alexander Julian for months now. It's a 2D platforming/action game about a high schooler with the same name going on an adventure to stop a gang and save his idol, Sage Edwards. The thing is, I just found that there's a famous clothing line named after...