concept artist

  1. leg

    Portfolio - Art 2D Concept, Illustration, and Pixel Artist for Hire

    I'm a character-centric artist based in Southern California. I'm currently available for fulltime freelance work. I can do concept art, as I specialize in character, creature, and prop art, though I can also provide environment and vehicle concepts if needed. I can also provide sprites, such as...
  2. A

    Portfolio - Art Concept artist for hire!

    Hey everyone! My name is Katie C, and I'm a concept artist and illustrator based in South Carolina. My skills have been given to indie developers and visual storytellers alike. If you're interested in hiring me, we can talk about pricing based on your needs and the complexity of those needs. You...
  3. L

    Portfolio - Art Visual Development/ 2D Concept Artist - for hire

    Hello, I'm Lillian and I'm a visual development and concept artist. I specialize in environment and prop designs, however I won't shy away from characters! Other skills I have include, turnarounds (orthographics), callouts, layouts, and illustrations. You can find my work on my site...
  4. M

    Portfolio - Art Freelance illustrator/ concept artist looking for work!

    Hello, my name is Marius Janusonis I am a freelance illustrator/ concept artist mainly focusing on environments and I am available for paid work! Please, feel free to contact me at janusonis.marius[at] Here are few examples of my work and you can see more on my blog...
  5. Huan

    Portfolio - Art Anime/Manga Concept Illustrator for hire (Paid Work only)

    Hello, My name is Huan. I am an illustrator strong in Anime/Manga influence. Please take a look at my work samples and see if my art style suits your project. Or visit my gallery ====> If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at...
  6. E

    Portfolio - Art [2D Concept Artist] Available for Project

    Hello Everybody, My name is Heru and currently available for your project as concept artist or 2d artist. You can view my portfolio at: For more information about rates and any question, please send me an email to: heru.purwanda[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank...
  7. W

    Portfolio - Art Concept artist who wants to improve

    Hello. I am not a in game art graphic. My graphic in games is bad, so I am programmer in GM. But I always loved concept arts, artworks. So if you want some artwork or concept art for your game then I would like to help and improve in it. Portfolio:
  8. M

    Portfolio - Art (CLOSED) Pixel/Concept Artist

    (I will check tomorrow to see if anybody has sent me anything) Hey I'm an artist that is looking to make some art for anyone that sends me an interesting idea, and meets the conditions below. Note: Don't be offended if I don't choose your idea Has to be a character (human, creature, beast...
  9. MartinDubravicky

    Portfolio - Art [For Hire] 2D Stylized/Cartoon Concept Artist

    Hello! My name is Martin Dubravicky and I'm a character concept artist (Toon & Stylized) with 2+ years of experience. I'm currently seeking new clients. Here are some examples of my work: You can find more on my website at If you're interested in hiring me or...
  10. ObsidianTrance

    Portfolio - Art [OPEN] ObsidianTrance Gallery

    Hello, my name is Joshua and I am a freelance artist with some indie game work already. I do 2D character, creature and other areas of design. Aside this I do personal commission work and my own personal projects. For even more examples, you can find me here...
  11. A

    Team Request [RevShare] Ambitious team seeking concept artist.

    Hey guys, We (AdventuresOf) currently have an opportunity for a passionate character/environment concept artist. The Game. A visually expressive look into the distant future where man has reached immortality. Fusing deep systems of narrative, combat, and visuals, we explore the unexpected...
  12. K

    Team Request concept art / sketches for 32x32 sprite set

    Im deciding upon the graphical style for my 2d puzzle adventure. Aimed at android / fire and windows. possibly other platforms. This is not a paid position. Im not expecting payment myself. This is to prove that i / we can get a finished game out there. Although i will look at monetisation...