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    Design Classic Concentration Game

    I’m looking to create a classic concentration game similar to the old TV show, but with matching a set of physical therapy cases to the appropriate treatments. How should I go about doing this? It should also have the option to be able to import the matches from a word document (or other text...
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    Android Master Mind || Feedback is most welcome

    Hello, I want to introduce you Master Mind, its Hardcore Memory Game, where you must find 2 same pieces of cards, but there are mods available, what makes game "little" more harder. for choose there are 2 main mods: -Moving lines (after you do NOT make good pair, whole line will...
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    Concentration \ Programming Playlist

    Hello! i'm having problems concentrating as usual, more than normal people. I found something helpful that increases my focus. Its music, specific songs and sounds such as Alpha waves. I made a playlist which i use commonly, it's public if anyone else wants to give it a try. Click here to...