1. despair3042

    Asset - Scripts Fixtor: The Next-Gen Fixture Editor

    Introducing Fixtor: An easy-to-use, reliable, full-featured physics fixture editor, for GameMaker: Studio 1 ~ 2.3+. As a fixture editor, Fixtor aims to overcome the fixture limitation of Box2D physics. You can now have as many concaved polygons as you want, as well breaking through the 8-point...
  2. Deadly Serious Media

    GML Changing the fixture shape

    Hey everyone! So I'm attempting to include som physics objects in my game but I'm having a bit of a tough time with a sliding door. Non physics object collide just fine because to collision shape matches the image_index. Physics object are a different story. Now I may be going about this all...
  3. acidemic

    GML Check if a shape is convex/concave & get an angle between three points

    GM Version: GM:S 1.x | GMS 2.x Target Platform: All Download: N/A Summary: Use following code to find out whether a shape is convex or concave. It can be placed in "User" action of an object and run on request. Shape coordinates must be supplied as DS List in a 'list' variable. End result is...
  4. Gizmo199

    Legacy GM Concave fixtures using paths

    GM Version: Studio 1.4 Target Platform: ALL Download: Concave fixture example Links: N/A In the above example, you can see how to use path points to bind multiple convex fixtures to an object to create a 'line' that follows a concave structure. Basically how it works is that it reads all of...