1. K12gamer

    ELON MUSK should make a game console...

    ...or maybe some kind of PC. Elon Musk has billions of dollars from the tech industry...Tesla Cars, Space X, Starlink Satellites etc. He's currently working on something called Neuralink (trying to merge the human brain with A.I.) Given his background in gaming and his company's cutting edge...
  2. B

    GML Making an interactive computer object within the game

    Hey guys, I want to make a RPG style game similar to Dev's app but before I put time and effort into making it I wanted to check with someone if what I want to make is possible using yoyo. So I want to make a game where the player is a song writer and they use a computer within the game to...
  3. K12gamer

    Discussion Do 2032 Computer batteries recharge?

    How long do they typically last? Are there any special brands or versions best for PCs? What are symptoms this battery needs to be replaced?
  4. J

    Connect Android to PC

    This is just a development question. I am thinking of a project, and one of the main factors is connection from android to pc. I have done projects in both. Basically, I want to be able to start playing a game on pc, and interact with the game on android. Say, I have an RTS game like clash of...
  5. K12gamer

    Opinion Do we really need 1000 Match 3 games on the PC?

    1000 Match 3 games...with new ones continuing to come out every week? They're all just the same game using different Match 3 objects.