1. JesusOnExtasy

    Windows (My game.exe file=170mb with GMS2) and (My game.exe=156mb with 7z) WTF!?

    Why does the GMS2 compiler not compress game files? The size is 170mb! did the exe file through 7z it turns out 156mb and not what is the difference in the game play. Tell me how to make GMS2 compress with the compression algorithm of 7z, I think the developers will be able to come up with...
  2. B

    The fastest way to compress a string

    Hi community TL;DR: I need a way to compress a long string without the game going in sleep mode while compressing. Does anyone have a link to a nice tool or a clever method to do this without the wait and without too many extensions? I'm making an online platformer where, when you beat the...
  3. RyanC

    Legacy GM Question About PNG Crush

    Hi All, After looking in the manual to find out how to compress texture pages I found the gml_pragma("PNGCrush") function. Couple of questions I could'n't find answers to in the manual: Does this downgrade the image quality? Are the images then uncompressed at game start or as they are used...
  4. angelwire

    Legacy GM [Unsolved but Useless] Compress sprite to binary alpha values using shader

    EDIT: After some tests, it turns out that the speed of buffer_get_surface for an 8x8 surface is pretty much the same speed as what it would be for a 256x256 surface. So not only will this not make my game faster, but it would slow it down. Never figured out why the shader didn't work but it's...
  5. Adam Coster

     Suggestion: Full gzip functionality

    TL;DR: The lack of gzip functionality in Gamemaker increases developer costs by complicating server-side code and by increasing resources needed by the server. It also increases user cost due to higher bandwidth, and hurts the user experience by slowing down data transfer. For having games...
  6. F

    Legacy GM Is there a easier way to loading external resources (objects, rooms etc.)

    Maybe sprite_add and background_add isn't that hard, but isn't object_add() and what comes after that just way too much. Can't I somehow import resources (like objects and rooms) through code without coding everything? Can I just "compress" the whole object in only one file, and how?
  7. RyanC

    Android Audio Compression & Audio Groups

    Hi all, I'd like my music to hit the CPU as little as possible because the game is fairly CPU intensive and it's a fast game that must have smooth graphics. I'm thinking of using a separate audio group for each music track. Otherwise the game will have to hold all the music tracks in memory at...
  8. YellowAfterlife

    Asset - Extension zlib compression/decompression for buffers

    Marketplace: Documentation: For donations: Source code: Price: Free Modules: Windows This small extension wraps zlib to offer simple...
  9. W

    Audio settings to save memory/cpu

    I think I'm finally ready to add my music to my game now but the last time I tried to run it with all the music files included, songs I made about 5 or so minutes in length, .wav format, the game would be extremely laggy, so I took it all out while I continued debugging the game play aspects...
  10. P

    What does GMS do with imported OGG audio files?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out exactly how GMS handles OGG format audio files. The official doc page isn't clear on this at all. The most important thing to know is whether or not GMS is taking the compressed audio and recompressing it, which would obviously not be ideal, and if so is there a way...
  11. Homunculus

    Asset - Scripts [FREE] STRICT - STRIng CompacTor

    STRICT (short for STRIng CompacTor) is a set of scripts that provide a simple way to compress and decompress short strings. It's a simple implementation of a dictionary based replacement, but it can achieve a decent compression ratio on short strings compared to more sophisticated general...
  12. clee2005

    Text compression ... for web requests

    Hi gang, I was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas for text compression (it's actually a ds_map that has been encoded to string). I'm doing cloud save on our web service and at it's peak the save file can be 100k. Sending this back and forth from iOS and Android devices is not going...
  13. Nirwanda

    Compressed sound not working?

    For some reason when I use compressed sound for my game it doesn't work and I get messages like this: (3): Could not open Ogg file C:\Users\Germán\AppData\Local\gm_ttt_60078\gm_ttt_51385\snd_hit.ogg Could it be because my folder name has an á? Uncompressed audio sounds fine, tho, but it really...