1. Byter

    Opinion What do you think about my music 2019?

    Hello GM Community, I have been making music for around two years now and I am aiming to make (preferably good) videogame music. Those three pieces are (in my estimation) the best ones I've made recently. I would be happy about some Feedback and critique. If they'd fit in a videogame, in which...
  2. Byter

    Opinion What do you think about my music?

    Hi everyone, I've been making Music now since a while and asked myself how do others think about it? Could it fit in a videogame? Do you like it?
  3. bigimpactsound

    Portfolio - Audio Big Impact Sound | Composer for Games, Royalty free Music for Games

    Big Impact Sound | Composer for Media provides royalty free music and sound design for games and media. Wide range of musical styles Our award winning team has more than two decades of experience in the creation and production of contemporary and classical music. Stock Music (Library Music)...
  4. T

    Portfolio - Audio Composer, Implementation, Triple A & Indie Experience

    Hello everyone, my name is Thomas, I am a composer/sound designer from Scotland. I specialise in composing and implementing music/sound design in Games. I have worked on Triple A games like Far Cry Primal for Ubisoft, unannounced projects for Warner Brothers Interactive and just recently...
  5. P

    Anyone need music?

    Okay, I got my DAW, a have abit of knowledge on mixing, so I'm ready to experiment. Anyone who needs video game music e.g. combat music, background music, etc., I am happy to experiment with you. Anyone, really. I just wanna do something for someone once... I made this tho ...
  6. GMWolf

    Legacy GM Object Orientation in GMStudio

    GM Version: GM:Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: Summary: In this video, I discuss some major features of OO design such as Polymorphism, Composition and Inheritance, and explain how these concepts can be implemented in GMStudio. Tutorial: Thanks for...