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  1. E

    Portfolio - Audio Music Composer, Producer, & Guitarist - Available

    Hello, I'm Ernest Soler, a Composer, Producer, and Session Guitarist from Barcelona, Spain. Here's a little resume/introduction, for if you ever need someone of my profile for any job, or to collaborate in any project.. I have a home studio, so I can work remotely as a Composer, Producer or...
  2. G

    Portfolio - Audio Grayson Howard | Experienced Composer for Hire

    I would love to create a score for your game. Here is a bit of my work: https://www.graysonsound.com/music-composition Please email me if you are interested. graysonbh@gmail.com
  3. jswmusic

    Portfolio - Audio Composer looking for collaborations. Work for free!

    Composer looking for some work, happy to work for free as just looking for experience. Check out my website for a showreel and current works in progress. https://www.joewatsonmusic.co.uk I can work in many styles and love to experiment. Feel free to message me if you would like to know anything...
  4. J

    Portfolio - Audio [For Hire] Indie Composer/ Sound Designer

    Hi there, I'm Jack Odell, I'm looking for projects to work on! I made the soundtrack to PONCHO, you can see the trailer here: You can check out my portfolio on Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/saltyjack Here are some examples of my previous work: I look forward to hearing...
  5. T

    Portfolio - Audio Need music for your production? Song Composition By Top Hat Ty!

    Hello my name is Tyler and I produce music for games, short films, and just for my self as well. If you have a production underway and need some creative music or sound design feel free to contact me for some free music. you can email me at tophatty.co@gmail.com or look me up on Face book under...
  6. R

    Costs for composers/artists?

    So, my next project is coming more and more into fruition. I may take it to Kickstarter to gather funds. However, I'm not quite sure how I want to pinpoint the goal because I'm not sure how much it costs to hire people. I want to hire people that could pull off NES-esque music and artists that...
  7. T

    Design Composer LF Work

    Hi guys and girls, I'm a musician and composer looking to work on soundtrack scores for video games! I have experience working with a wide range of genres and am happy to discuss ideas regarding crafting the perfect piece of music for whatever purpose you're looking for. Prices are negotiable...
  8. Andy Chu

    Job Offer - Audio Seeking Metroidovania SFX, Ambience & Music Composer

    Hello to all! I am seeking a composer who could create audio as mention the title above. Further information of style...etc. will be provided upon reaching me through Discord. Link: https://discord.gg/wswmqqu Please state name, price/ rate and other important information. Regards AC
  9. V

    Portfolio - Audio Composer Looking for Work (paid)

    Hi, I am a professional musician and composer. I work mostly with synths, and have been making electronic music for eight years. I've self released two albums, done one game soundtrack (never went to market, but I was paid), and am about to start work on another. My electronic music falls...
  10. G

    Portfolio - Audio ♫ Full-time freelance game composer available - modern and retro styles - free demos for indies! ♫

    Hello! I'm Geoff Moore, a UK-based game composer who creates music for developers all over the world. I work on a contract basis, meaning you can hire me for a single track, a whole game, a kickstarter demo... whatever you need! I have 5 years of game music industry experience and a BA in Music...
  11. Peyton Burnham

    Portfolio - Audio Composer for hire (bunch of styles including retro!)

    Hi! My name is Peyton, I'm a composer/musician or whatever! Here are a few demo tracks from a game I'm working on: A character theme: https://soundcloud.com/peyton-burnham/djinn Another character theme: https://soundcloud.com/peyton-burnham/a-fresh-face An area theme...
  12. M

    Portfolio - Audio Indie Composer – Electronic/Ambient/Synth

    Hello I am Matt, an independent composer from Berkshire, UK. I am available to work on Original Soundtracks for projects. Orbit5 is my first solo electronic release, which is available for stream/purchase on BandCamp www.matthewsquibb.bandcamp.com www.matthewsquibb.co.uk Contact...
  13. B

    Free music - uploading to Asset store soon!

    Hey guys, I've just released a new music library for FREE! Working on getting it up on this asset store soon along with a bunch of other high quality soundtracks. Enjoy the free one while it's available. The only requirement is to credit the composer! Thanks! Get it here...
  14. BlueBurn

    Portfolio - General Team for hire (Help/Code/Graphic/Music/Sound)

    Hello, my name is Andrew and I'm one of the the founders of BlueBurn and here I would like to introduce our team and the services that we provide: ABOUT US: Who we are: We are a small Czech independent development team consisting of highly skilled and passionate people. We have been working...
  15. I

    Team Request Composer & Sound Designer - Want to build a portfolio [FREE]

    Hello all! I'm new here to Game Maker and am currently learning to make my own game. In the meantime, I'd like to collaborate with you guys to learn and build my portfolio at the same time. I'm versatile in my work, so I'll always do my best to help your game represent your vision. If you're...
  16. starwolf

    Portfolio - Audio Will Goss | Composer for hire

    Hello all! My name is Will and I'm a 26 year old composer. My goal is to capture the essence of your game through the music, so that the player feels as if they are completely immersed in your world. I provide original, powerful, fully mixed and mastered tracks for fixed or per-minute rates...
  17. N

    Portfolio - General Looking to help FREE

    Looking to help on someones short term project or brainstorm a short project together for free. Wanting to challenge myself and learn more GML, so programming preferred. However I can do Design, low pixel art, compose, mix and master music. Ideally I'd want to team up with another programmer...
  18. S

    Portfolio - Audio Experienced Composer Available

    Experienced composer for video games. Can compose in a variety of styles including: orchestral, rock, metal, electronic, jazz, 8bit, 16bit, world music and more. Includes looped music, as many instruments as needed and a couple of rewrites at no extra cost. Contact me to discuss further...
  19. R

    Portfolio - Audio Music composer

    Hello, my name is Rengy and I am composer. I'm starting creating video game music but I've been composer for over 5 years. Let me know if someone is interested in my music and if you want to work with me :) Mail: saldivia.renato@gmail.com Portfolio...
  20. M

    Portfolio - Audio Looking for music to make your game even better?

    Hi Gamemakers! Looking for high quality cinematic music to enhance your Game? My name is Marc and I'd love to help you out. Together we'll come up with a score we'll both be truly happy about. For a quick sample of my musical style, please look right here: For my experience, testimonials...