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  1. N

    Portfolio - Audio [MUSIC] NINICHI | Experienced Game Music Composer for Hire

    Hello, I'm Ninichi & I'm a freelance game music composer. I've worked on the soundtracks for various indie games & can compose music in a very wide range of styles. I’m told that I’m incredibly versatile so do get in touch to explore working together. It would be great to learn more about your...
  2. B

    Portfolio - Audio BrunoBuglisi // Composer looking for work [Paid/Flexible]

    Hello! My name is Bruno Buglisi (aka Hibarist), I'm a graduated musician and I compose original music for games! My strongest suit is to make "modern" music. (see persona games, smt, world ends with you, etc) But I also make other styles too, check out my portfolio...
  3. O

    Portfolio - Audio Music composer available (JRPG inspired: melodic and varied)

    Hello! I'm a game music enthusiast and a free-time music composer. Pleased to meet you, reader :) If your game project is in need of a single piece of music or an entire soundtrack and you think a JRPG-style selection of music would be the best fit, please have listen to my showreel: It is...
  4. DanniBoy

    Portfolio - Audio Projects, one-offs or whatever else; Composer looking to buff out my Resume!

    Hi There! For the past 10 years i have been developing my musical skills and making music for the joy of it. Now I feel the time is right to step up my game! I am a versatile composer who has made a variety of tracks, but I am particularly fond of the retro-inspired tone of arcade games and...
  5. Maxim Grachev

    Portfolio - Audio Free exclusive music for you!

    Hey there, guys! My name's Max, I am 27 and I am a composer. My job is to write music for commercial games BUT when I have some spare time I can write music for indie projects that I find interesting, for FREE! So feel free to contact me, send me info about your projects and I surely will write...
  6. R

    Portfolio - Audio Composer For your projects.

    Hello :) I am musician and composer. Would love to compose for you. You can see my samples here : http://soundcloud.com/radik80 https://drooble.com/slayter.goof/songs Chiptune collection: https://soundcloud.com/radik80/sets/speccy...
  7. A

    Portfolio - Audio Aspiring Composer Looking for a Job [PAID/CHEAP]

    Hey there guys, I'm an aspiring composer with a strong passion for music. I've played the piano since I was five, and started composing my own music a few years ago. I'm currently only really working on a project for a personal friend of mine, but seeing as said project doesn't need my work at...
  8. Byter

    Portfolio - Audio New Video game Composer for free

    I'm new here and I'm looking for my first game to compose a Soundtrack. I'm composing now for half a year and I see this as practise so you don't have to pay me(except maybe you make Money with the game but even then not much). Here are some of my newer works I did in just for fun...
  9. Plisken

    Portfolio - Audio I want to make music for your game (no pay)

    Hello. So one of my hobbies is composing video game music. It's nothing I strive to do professionally, but I really like doing it. I think it would be cool though to have my music featured in an actual game. I don't want any money (unless of course the game is being sold). My music would...
  10. B

    Portfolio - Audio Pro Music and Sound Design - Ben Rawles Music

    Hi, I'm Ben, and I'm a full-time composer and sound designer based in England, and I'm looking to join projects that need an experienced, attentive and reliable composer and sound designer. I've been working on video game soundtracks since 2012, and I've developed great relationships with...
  11. bigimpactsound

    Portfolio - Audio Big Impact Sound | Composer for Games, Royalty free Music for Games

    Big Impact Sound | Composer for Media provides royalty free music and sound design for games and media. Wide range of musical styles Our award winning team has more than two decades of experience in the creation and production of contemporary and classical music. Stock Music (Library Music)...
  12. jana

    Portfolio - Audio Music loops, ambient, beat

    Hi, my name's Jana, I'm on a constant quest to offer high quality sounds and music to my fellow gamers. I've posted quite a few tracks on my website, which will give you an idea of some of the sounds I can create for your project. Here are a couple of samples: Sample 1 Sample 2 If you need...
  13. H

    Portfolio - Audio Composer for Hire (Click in to check out my recording at London AIR Studios!)

    Hi all, I hope to collaborating with game makers and write music for their projects. Please check out my music at my website. Feel free to shoot me a message at tangholing@gmail.com Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Best, Ho-ling
  14. jana

    Portfolio - Audio Music, songs - different styles

    Hi, I can provide you with original music or songs for your game. So I can get an idea of what you're looking for: - please provide a link to your game or a screenshot or - provide a link to the style you want, or - just describe what you're looking for I can do a free demo for you. I have...
  15. jswmusic

    Portfolio - Audio Composer looking to collaborate! Very cheap!

    Composer looking for work! Check out my website https://www.joewatsonmusic.co.uk for snippets of what I can do! Don't hesitate to contact me!
  16. B

    Portfolio - Audio Media Composer for Hire

    Hey fellow media producers. My name is Peter Gunder and I'm a media composer available for work! If you're creating a high-end game needing lush flim orchestration or background music for media, I can produce multiple styles ranging from classic cinematic (Williams, Elfman, Shore), old school...
  17. F

    Portfolio - Audio HQ Music for your Project Needed? (RF-music Inside!)

    Dear community, my name is Frederic Bernard. I'm a 28 years young, professional composer from Germany. I am generally open to any music style; ranging from solo piano, to chamber music, to massively full orchestral scores, or electronic music. I studied classical music at the University of...
  18. A

    Portfolio - Audio [FOR HIRE] Eduardo López | Composer

    Hello, My name is Eduardo López, I´m a profressioanl Composer for Games/Film/TV and Concert Music. I write music in pretty much any style of music needed and I´ve worked on over 5 titles on Unity and Unreal Engine and also done SFX for Games, Film and Media Advertising. I specialize in...
  19. Crescent

    Portfolio - Audio Vivid Sound - Another Composer's Portfolio

    Greetings all! I am a composer and sound designer with many years of experience, and I figured I'd drop my portfolio site here. If you were a regular of the GMC years ago, you may remember me as gamereality. Vivid Sound My style could be described as flexible, or unique, and I have a large...
  20. studioWHITEROCK

    Portfolio - Audio Music For Your Game

    When I'm playing a game, I feel that music counts for half of a game's atmosphere and enjoyment. Streets Of Rage, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Thunder Force III, Revenge Of Shinobi, and more recently, games like Bioshock, Fallout, Skyrim - these games are elevated by their music. I create music that...