1. mobiusdisco

    Portfolio - Audio Custom Music for your Game! - Mobiusdisco [Composer]

    Hello, I'm Connor / Mobiusdisco and I write and record music for Games, Film, and more!! Here are some examples of what I've made: Uptempo Synth Dungeon Crawler: Dungeon Crawler Cyberpunk Cinematic Theme for spxOS: "Tomorrow" Eldritch Horror Level Theme for God's Gift: "Dismantle" Chiptune...
  2. Q

    Portfolio - Audio Composer Team X-Score

    Hello! I am Konstantin and together with Jan we created the composing duo X-Score. We have a lot of experience with composing different types of music for all kinds of Media. Looking forward to participating in any serious projects. Have a listen to some of our works on: Cheers
  3. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - Audio [Closed] Hiring Composers for Rythmic Combat

    Hello! My team's upcoming game "Pulse" is centered around fighting to the beat of the battle music. Without amazing tracks to fight to the combat will quickly become stale and uninteresting. I am currently interested in commissioning 3 tracks for the game's demo with future collaboration...
  4. M

    Portfolio - Audio Versatile, Orchestral Composer Open for Commissions

    Introduction: My name is Andrew, and I am a video game composer living in Canada with a passion for music of all kinds (especially orchestral), storytelling, and, of course, video games! Some of my greatest influences come from the world of classical music, especially some of the big names...
  5. jana

    Portfolio - Audio Music - Epic, Piano, Ambient, Other Types

    My name is Jana Cole, from the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're looking for an epic theme, piano theme, ambient, or other type of music, I can create a track that's perfect for your project. I've been composing music for years, and I compose in different styles. I started composing music when...
  6. darkmagi250

    Portfolio - Audio Retro, RPG, Side-Scroller, etc. game music composer looking for work

    Hello all! I am a composer looking for anyone in need of a soundtrack for their video game, or project. I am experienced in giving the right song for any game situation! Here is my portfolio: if you are interested, please feel free to email me at...
  7. AlexDerFerri

    Portfolio - Audio Composing Game Soundtracks - Looking for projects

    Hi! My name is Alex and I'm a freelancer composer. I've been making music for almost my entire life, I've recently made some game soundtracks for my little projects and now looking for new projects to be working on. You can find some of my compositions here...
  8. S

    Portfolio - Audio Scipio Africanus II, Pro-Bono Amateur Composer

    Hello, I am an amateur video game composer, and fairly new to the GameMaker community. I am here to do free work for smaller, similarly amateur projects. I primarily use is MuseScore 3 for composition, and I specialize in standard symphonic music (however I am also capable of composing in other...
  9. M

    Portfolio - Audio miniDoom 2 Composer - Music / Audio Implementation / Sound Design

    Hi! I’m a Composer based in Bolivia and also a huge gamer. I have been a musician since I was 3, and by now I have credits in over 60 CDs, DVDs, Films, Videogames and Theater Plays. My latest project was miniDoom 2, made in Game Maker and Wwise. I have a big background in orchestration (played...
  10. S

    Portfolio - Audio [Composer/Sound Designer] Fluffy Thing, Will Make Noises for Food

    Greetings, and welcome to the little den I've made for myself here amongst the GameMaker community! Please wipe your feet, the dirt floor is freshly swept. My name is Snowy Fox, and, as you may have guessed when you first saw this post and the big logo with the word "audio" in it, I make...
  11. Andy Chu

    Job Offer - Audio [Paid] Looking for Music Composer & Sound Effects Designer

    Greetings! As the title mentioned above looking for a composer. The game is a 2D-pixelated, hack & slash, platformer, adventure, RPG game. Music Composers: Current level being designed is a ruined snowy castle in the high mountains. Setting is the aftermath of humanity's downfall. Require a...
  12. Z

    Portfolio - Audio Composer (Cat Quest, Unworthy and others) looking for projects

    Hi, I'm Brian. I make music and sounds for indie games. I have worked on a couple well received titles on Steam & Switch (Cat Quest & Unworthy). I can do custom work and also have a bit of a music library to draw from as well if need be. I can make music in virtually any style and have a lot of...
  13. Ches Rowe

    Portfolio - Audio I want to compose music for your game for free.

    My name is Ches Rowe, and I have been composing video game music for about 6 years as a hobby. I mostly compose orchestral and rock/metal music; but I am capable of composing electronic based music as well. I am currently looking to expand my portfolio and practice working collaboratively with...
  14. A

    Portfolio - Audio Alexei Galar - Experienced composer and sound designer

    Need music and SFX for your next crazy idea? My name is Alexei. I'm a composer and sound designer for media. I am expert in adding the final touch of life to your projects via music and audio. I have composed for many genres of games and film, using a varied range of instruments, both acoustic...
  15. M

    Portfolio - Audio [LFW PAID] Composer / Sound Designer

    Hey everyone! I'm a musician with over 3 years of experience in working with digital audio and sound design. I'm well familiar with synthesizers and I have plenty of virtual instruments to make vast varieties of different music! My tracks...
  16. The Video Gamester

    Team Request [Rev Share]Programmer Needed; Steampunk Abyss Kickstarter

    Needed: Programmer; Not required but experience in networking and shaders would be a plus. Payment: Rev Share. Patreon is our main focus for income at the moment. Current Team: Bahototh - Pixel Artist, WWWSurfingDinosaur - Composer, Me - Programmer/Designer. Project Details: The game is a...
  17. N

    Portfolio - Audio [Available For Hire] Budget Experienced Music Composer

    Hi! gamedevs! I am always available to make music for indie games, which is what I love to do. I have experience making music for consoles, app stores, and other platforms.
  18. T

    Portfolio - Audio 8-bit Retro NES/Famicom Chiptune artist looking for projects

    Hi, my name is Ted Kerr, and I write 8-bit chiptune music for games. I primarily use Famitracker. You can see the tracks I have written on If you are interested, please send me a PM on here or an email to Thank you, and I look...
  19. B

    Portfolio - Audio Paul Darbot I Composer & Sound-Designer

    Hi all ! My name is Paul Darbot and I'm a music composer and sound designer based in France. I have already work on several short movies, TV documentaries and coporate films. I am looking to work on video game industry for a while now and I am a big fan of the indie game scene. So ! To all...
  20. U

    Portfolio - Audio Free Of Right Music (UNREAL MUSIC)

    Hey, I'm UNREΛL, I make free of rights music, take a listen on my soundcloud. I propose a variety of songs on many selling platforms for people to use it on their project, just check out my website for all the links or if you want to contact me for hiring. Enjoy !