1. DarklinkFighter

    GML Parenting vs Composition... (When to use what - Examples)

    Hi, as a C++ / C# / Java Programmer I struggle a bit now when I want to refactor some stuff from my first Test Project with GMS2... I tend to break my head when it's better to use composition and when it's better to use parenting in Game Maker... In other languages I can just implement...
  2. Cloaked Games

    GMS 2 Color Components from Buffer

    Hello, I am using buffer_get_surface to read color data for a sprite. However, I do not know how to get the color components from the color itself. I tried using color_get, which worked when I was using draw_getpixel, but seems to be always returning 0 in this situation. Here is the relevant...
  3. T

    Physics impulse

    I made a weapon that should push all instances away from itself using impulse. But I'm having trouble calculating x and y component of the impulse.