1. J

    Question - IDE Run Program Complete (Success) but game won't run!

    I am running latest runtime on MacOS and then is the output when I try to run the game!
  2. Liam Earles

    Free Smash Ringtail Cat

    Smash Ringtail Cat is a game inspired by an animal species some people never heard of before, and takes inspiration to 80's and 90's video games. An evil scientist known as Dr. Glitcher has a plan to glitch up the entire planet with his multiple ultimate weapons, with one that would glitch up...
  3. A

    Mac OSX macOS Mojave - FAILED : Package Program Complete

    When I try to build and executable on macOS Mojave, I get this output: Saving project to: /Users/[USERNAME]/GameMakerStudio2/PixelPlacer/PixelPlacer.yyp "/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/mono"...
  4. Roastedzerg

    Steam Killer Clowns; A spiritual successor to Berzerk (big update!)

    New update!!! -New dynamic camera system! -New achievement system! (steam and in game) -New unlockable cheat system! -New in game comic! -Balancing and bug fixes! Killer Clowns is now available!!! (officially) Steam Killer Clowns is an electrifying combination of...