1. Bune Duggy

    Windows Runner.exe exited with non-zero status (-1073741819)

    Hey, all of a sudden my game isn't compiling and I'm not sure why. I'm hoping somebody here can help me out with this because I've seen a lot of other issues I've had with GMS 2.3 posted here. I get this at the end of the compile in the Output window: V://windows/Runner.exe exited with...
  2. Mehdi

    GMS 2.3+ Game Maker Studio 2.3 so slow to compile on windows 10

    Hi everyone I've recently switched to windows 10. Surprisingly when I compile my project it takes at least 30 seconds to compile and it's so frustrating. It used to be only 10 seconds before (when i worked with windows 7) Can anyone help?
  3. I

    Android Android compile error - global tap event is the cause

    Problem: I been trying to build for android using yyc and I keep getting this error Compile errors: Object: obj_ibisflight Event: Global Tap at line 1 : Fatal Error while compiling gml_Object_obj_ibisflight_Gesture_64 - bailing details below Output: collapsing enums. Error ...
  4. descrubb

    GMS 2 how to create a .yymp file from within my (compiled) game?

    you may have seen my Other post about a project I'm working on. I am currently working on a "game" (tool more like) where I will export the results of the time spent in this "game" to be imported into game maker studio as an object/sprite/etc for other game projects for the purpose of quicker...
  5. U

    Can't Compile to android GMS 1.4

    hey i triying to compile my game to android but i can't because of this error: * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':com.unorg.projectozone'. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':com.unorg.projectozone:_debugCompile'. > Could not resolve...
  6. G

    Android [SOLVED] Problems with android build - help!

    Hi, I've been trying to compile my game to android and it keeps giving me this error log What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':com.gumbosoup.colorsnakesmash:processDebugResources'. Android resource linking failed W:\com.gumbosoup.colorsnakesmash\src\main\res\layout\download.xml:13...
  7. P

    Windows Compile time abnormally long; tried a few things but it didn't work. Any suggestions?

    Hey there people! I've been developing a game with four of my buddies (their first time making games) and we're having a blast! Problem is, as of yesterday one of these buddies has been having a few tech issues which are really putting him off. For some reason, his compile time inexplicably...
  8. RizbIT

    Does the 1.4x UWP module still work

    Im trying to just make a small minor update to a UWP app. I only have the UWP module for 1.4x. Not updated any UWP stuff for a while. I just tried to compile a new UWP app and I get the error: SignTool Error: No certificates were found that met all the given criteria. cmd /c "Powershell...
  9. Gabriel Amici

    Android Issue making game run in Android

    When I try to compile my game using VM mode it interrupts compiling with the following error: I have tried to do the same thing in other projects and it works fine. I then examined all the Android Options to see if they matched between the two projects and they were identical. I will attach...
  10. Tyler D. Anderson

    Shaders Why does GMS2 leave the shader code exposed in the final export?

    If I have an empty project with a simple shader: // // Simple passthrough fragment shader // varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; void main() { float two = 2.; gl_FragColor = v_vColour * texture2D( gm_BaseTexture, v_vTexcoord ) * two; } And I then compile it to a zip - I...
  11. Carcophan

    HTML5 Getting an "error out of bounds" issue in HTML5 but not in Windows

    Hello Everyone! I have stumbled into a strange error that only seems to exist in, and crash, my Chrome/HTML5 compiles. It is not recognized as an error during a Windows compile in F5/F6 - which seems to run just fine. There are no errors in the debugger window for Windows - nor the HTML5...
  12. matharoo

    Android Android compile error - package does not exist

    Hey, I recently tried to build a project that I last compiled for Android a few months back. I deleted the Google Play Services extensions and installed the latest version. Now I get these errors (seems like it can't find the gcm dependency)...
  13. M

    Android [Solved]Compiling APK

    I followed the guide When I compile an to an .apk I get this in IDE/debug: Starting a Gradle Daemon, 1 incompatible and 1 stopped Daemons could not be reused, use --status for details File...
  14. S

    Shaders (SOLVED)(compile) Packing Error

    I keep getting an error saying it can't pack a variable in a shader I've written, the shader worked fine until I updated it today to add more colors. Does anyone have experience debugging packing errors? Vertex shader Fragment shader
  15. J

    Legacy GM Android compile issue [SOLVED]

    Hello! I am trying to get my game to run on my android device but it always fails to compile. I've downloaded the SDK, NDK, and JDK; setup the keystore; and purchased the export module but it still isn't working. I am using Gamemaker 1.4 by the way. Any help or troubleshooting suggestions are...
  16. J

    Windows Output delay AFTER 'Options: [Path]\MainOptions.json and BEFORE Attempt to set gamepadcount [SOLVED]

    Edited Title and Main Post for clarity of issue and solution. Hello, I have tried searching for this issue and found 1 other unanswered thread that was similar however I cannot figure out what is wrong. When I go to build even something as simple as an empty room with a red square in it, the...
  17. DarthTenebris

    Linux Compiling Game Maker Studio 2 Projects on Linux

    Hello everybody, I have managed to install and run Game Maker Studio with Runtime on Ubuntu 19.04 with the help of Wine 4.0, however when I tried to compile for Ubuntu it couldn't recognize the host machine, and when I tried to compile for Windows, it didn't like it either...
  18. Gabriel

    Android Can't compile using latest version of Google Play Services Extension

    Due to the Google+ deprecation, since my game is using version 3.0.5 of the Google Play Services extension, these services are not funcional anymore. When I downloaded the latest version (3.1.1) which takes the Google+ API away, without changing a single setting, GMS2 won't let me compile...
  19. Daniel Mallett

    Why am I freezing

    I have s script with the following code: letter_string = ""; // Stores letter string number = argument0; // The nth number to be converted into a string multiply = ceil((number - 26) / 26); // The number of times to add A to the letter string end_letter_number = number - (multiply * 26) + 64...
  20. Kabcorp

    Question - IDE YYC generate '' too

    Hello, I have a question: I use ZIP build of my GM:S 2 projects for sharing. I realized if I compile with YYC or using VM built, in the ZIP file, I have in both cases the famous '' file in. This '' file is not the same when I use YYC and VM. The EXE file need the '' to...