compile error

  1. I

    GMS 2.3+ Run Game Slowdown: Setting Scheduler Resolution to 1

    First time posting so please forgive me if I missed a rule or I am duplicating an earlier post. I am struggling with a slow compiler when running my game. I am currently using Game Maker 2 (ID v2.3.2.560) on my Windows 10 computer (i7 / 2060 Nividia) and I have attempted to google/review the...
  2. D

    Android Trouble with android compiling (armv7l, SDK 4.1.1)

    Hello, my app compiles perfectly fine with later versions of android (tested usually around SDK 24+). However I am trying to use an older phone which uses android 4.1.1 (SDK 16) and am getting this error: "Unable to find library for this devices architecture, which is armv7l, ensure you have...
  3. Christopher Risdon

    Android GMS Mobile compiler error.

    I have a game I am working on for mobile. I have the mobile license and have all the SDK and other files linked properly and showing green. When I try compiling the game I keep getting this issue: DoSplash System.NotSupportedException: The given path's format is not supported. at...
  4. DevilKap

    SOLVED ScriptExecuteArray new errors?

    /// @function ScriptExecuteArray(_func, _args); /// @returns any /// @param {function} _func The function to run /// @param {arguments} _args[] The arguments needed function ScriptExecuteArray(_func, _args) { var _func = argument0; var _args = argument1; switch...
  5. T

    Error: Unexpected token reading a json Object at line...

    I recovered my game file after like 10 months, and when I try to run the game, this compile error pops up cant I cant run my game
  6. Vinsane

    Android Importing Google Play Services breaks my project (cant compile anymore)

    Hey guys. I know GMS2 is going through some issues atm with all the updates etc. I was not able to render my project on my android on the latest version of game maker so I downgraded it to the previous version like what I saw was suggested but sadly that made no difference :( IDE V2.2.5.481...
  7. B

    Compile Scripts...Error : duplicate script name found gml_Script_create_bullet

    how can i fix this compile Error? Compile Scripts...Error : duplicate script name found gml_Script_create_bullet i've tried global searching and renaming it but no luck.
  8. A

    Windows I am not able to compile any game.

    "cmd" /c subst Z: "C:\Users\HQ DEVZZ\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE" elapsed time 00:00:00.0860049s for command "cmd" /c subst Z: "C:\Users\HQ DEVZZ\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE" started at 07/22/2020 17:22:57 "cmd" /c subst Y: "C:\Users\HQ...
  9. Paul Green

    GMS 2.3+ New Compile Errors, not seen before, don't know what to do?

    So, I'm trying the new 2.3 Beta (still have old source backedup, sill have 2.2 installed) and I compiled my project, I got a few errors, due to the command static being introduced, but I have a few compile errors I don't know what to do with, usually when there is an error, I double click it...
  10. F

    Problem to create application for android

    I'm trying to Create application for android and it's appearing this error compiling and I'm not sure how can I solve this problem: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Could not determine java version from '14.0.1'. * Try: Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack...
  11. JnrBrain

    A problem occurred evaluating project ':allib'. (GRADLE)

    I dont know how can i fix it :(
  12. G

    Android Error to compile to Android

    I'm having the following error when I try to export my project to android * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ''. > Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Crunching Cruncher icon.png failed, see logs What must I do to solve this?
  13. YoSniper

    Location of Android drivers and how to install

    Hello all, The most recent thread I could see addressing this issue is from 4 years ago, and I understand that technology has evolved since then. I am trying to compile a mobile app for Android, and the APK file seems to generate just fine. However, I still get a failure message at the end...
  14. TRaFuGa

    Legacy GM Windows 10 ERROR: Don't Save and don't RUN!!!!

    No puedo guardar ni ejecutar el proyecto. Ejecuto GM con permisos de administrador pero al pulsar F5 (RUN) me muestra este error: ------------------------- I cannot save or run the project. I run GM with administrator permissions but pressing F5 (RUN) shows me this error: (Windows) Compile...
  15. P

    Windows Compile time abnormally long; tried a few things but it didn't work. Any suggestions?

    Hey there people! I've been developing a game with four of my buddies (their first time making games) and we're having a blast! Problem is, as of yesterday one of these buddies has been having a few tech issues which are really putting him off. For some reason, his compile time inexplicably...
  16. D

    Windows cannot create exe

    Hello, I'm new to making games and have just finished a game only to have this problem all of a sudden. It happens when I attempt to make an executable of the game. Saving project to: C:\Users\MOUNG\OneDrive\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\One_Month_Project\One_Month_Project.yyp "cmd" /c subst Z...
  17. Cofefe

    Question - Code Switch Statement Compile Error

    Hi all! So today I thought I'd try something with Switch statements, I figured it wouldn't work but I didn't expect the error I got. All I did was put the "Or" Operator in the cases (||). You can see the code below: ///@description horizontal_tile_collisions() var grounded =...
  18. Printed Love

    Question - Code Compile Error

    I completely new to Gamemaker Development and can't seem to resolve this compile error.. FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * Where: Build file 'T:\\build.gradle' line: 44 * What went wrong: A problem occurred evaluating project...
  19. Kaspars

    Android (Solved) Cant compile for android after update

    Today i updated gamemaker studio 2 to IDE v runtime v Everything worked perfectly before update. Compile error: > Configure project :com.companyname.ben_is_angry Build properties not found for package Android SDK Platform 29 > Task :com.companyname.ben_is_angry:preBuild...
  20. Kreastricon

    GMS 2 Problem Running an Imported Game Maker Studio 2 project

    Good afternoon everyone, I've been searching online for a solution to this problem yet to no avail. I've been working on a Game Maker Studio 1.4 project for years and I decided just for kicks to see if I could import it to GMS 2. The import actually went pretty smoothly at first, game did...