1. A

    Virus on compilation

    Weird situation, GM:S compile all with virus, virustotal confirm 6 of 67. I scanned my pc with Dr. Web cureit, but it says nothing found. Tried to again install license from yoyo games, get compiled, throw it on virustotal, 3 of 67. After hour, compiled it again, and got 6 of 67. Full scan...
  2. Erramir

    Android / Amazon Fire How to create a installer for ANDROID

    Hello! my question is: How can i prepare installer, instead of uploading to google play store and similars? i mean, so far i know how to RUN a game with F5 on my phone, and of course, compiling a APK or ABB.. but what if i want to provide them particulary, as for a patreon reward or something...
  3. Petr Skornok

    Discussion Optimizing compile time

    Hi, we've recently hit a point where the compilation of our game takes over 1min 30s on well performing desktop machine (project includes 3500 art assets, 1500 SFX/music files and still growing). It became a real challenge to make any changes in the code and stay in the programming flow while...
  4. MontyDrake

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] Getting Stuck at "Entering Main Loop"

    I have this project I save into a new version every few weeks to keep some kind of version control and make backups of any previous versions. Today, after an extensive coding session, I tried to run the project and it didn't start. Output window's last message was "Entering main lop" and that's...
  5. D

    Android / Amazon Fire Game will not compile with IAP extension added

    Hi All I have an Android game that is ready for release once I sort out IAP. Please note that until the IAP bit - eveything worked perfectly on actual Android devices and emulators. So according to all the instructions I could find, I imported GooglePlayServicesExtension...
  6. Death

    How to stop GM 2 from re-writing the sound files (.ogg)?

    Hi all, I am new here, just getting started. When I compile, GM2 re-writes the sound files I created and makes them bigger in the process. How do I keep it from re-writing them? They are already as optimized as I can get them, the quality is where I want them to be. GM2 seems to re-write them...
  7. S

    Question - Code [Solved] Break statement

    GM 2. Break statement - Does it really work? This code will not be stopped when you press the 1 key, but it will run all 8 times. Why? for (var i = 1; i <= 8; i++) { if (keyboard_check(ord(string(i)))) { break; } } PS. "If" statement works right.
  8. J

    Android / Amazon Fire [Resolved] Build/Run not working - GMS 2 Android

    I cannot build or run any games whith GMS 2 for Android. I spend the last 2 days trying everything i was able to find on forums and internet. I need to make it work for my next profesionnal project, so if someone can take time to help me figure it out ! Thx. The output : FAILURE: Build failed...
  9. J

    bug and nobody can help me.

    I have the bug that follows specific, I wrote to yoyo and I still have not got any answer, (I guess because I do not update to GMS2) .... I do not understand this bug, nor how to solve it I leave here for someone, Has the kindness to help me and I did everything I have all sdk updated to...
  10. W

    Problem with ANDROID compilation

    Hello, I have a problem when I compile my game. I have SDK, NDK, JDK, and KEYSTORE ok, but I don't know why I have this error : Stats : GMA : Instance=0, Global=0 "C:\Users\Wizy\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools\adb" get-state * daemon not running. starting it now at tcp:5037 * * daemon...
  11. Q

    Android / Amazon Fire [SOLVED]Failed reading a line in compiling to APK

    Hey, developers. I'm new in this world of game development, but i've already created a game for Windows and Android. I've tested it in both platforms, but when I export the APK the compilation window tells me this: BUILD FAILED...
  12. K

    HTML5 Problem in my HTML5 compilation

    Hi all dudes! (and merry christmas!) :) I'm working from Windows 10. I'm working with Game Maker v1.4.1763 (r41504) with the Mac, Ios, Android, HTML5, Windows and Ubuntu modules installed. Well, my issue: I'm trying to compile one simple game (It's just an experiment, I'm very new to the...
  13. L

    Android / Amazon Fire Error when compiling for Android.

    Hello. I can not compile the project for Android. What could be the problem? Thank you.
  14. Pamela Howard

    Android / Amazon Fire Speed up apk compile?

    Very new to Android development. My game is very little at the moment, barely has anything going on, but it takes 4 minutes to compile and test (code won't work unless I export it completely) and takes longer every time I add something new. I don't want to keep waiting longer and longer for each...
  15. D

    Mac OSX Compiled game launches and closes immediately

    Hello. I just started working with Mac in GM:S yesterday, and I'm having some problems. Whenever I run the game in IDE to test it, the game works completely fine. No errors, or anything, it's completely smooth. However, when I actually compile the game, I go to my laptop to test the game, and...
  16. H

    Legacy GM Compiling without using GMS

    I am hoping this is the right section of the forum to be asking this particular question. I couldn't find anything more fitting but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. While I own GMS, I am not overly thrilled with it as an IDE and so am trying to understand how possible it is to set up an...