compilation error

  1. M

    'Error : Unable to find object <undefined> referenced in event'

    Hi, so I deleted an object from my game which had many references. Instead of just deleting it, it spawned an error pop up when I deleted the object, and the object itself just turned into an <undefined> instance and didn't get deleted until I clicked delete on it again. After this, the game...
  2. K

    Discussion Permission Error : Unable to obtain permission to execute

    when i compile my project, I get error: Permission Error : Unable to obtain permission to execute. How to fix?
  3. Erramir

    Android / Amazon Fire Compiling Error: UnauthorizedAccessException

    Greetings! i am having problems compiling my first ever game to mobile(android) , so mind me if i do silly questions, or the solution is simple. However i DO tried to solve it by googling the problem and "solution". First of all, yesterday i set up all the things related to compiling a game for...
  4. B

    Android / Amazon Fire [Solved] Problem while builiding either with VM or YYC

    Hello all. I've whatched a bunch of posts about this but unfortunately none of them solved my problem. It gives "BUILD FAILED" either if I compile in VM or in YYC. YYC log here. VM log here. Android configurations here. I've disabled Lint. I've desabled google licensing and I don't know...
  5. M

    Android / Amazon Fire [Solved]Android Compilation adb

    i can compile an .apk but get this in debug adb: failed to install C:\Users\magnu\Downloads\2d_platformerSmGl.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113] Performing Streamed Install