1. allualbert

    Team Request [Rev Share][Token To War][Multiplayer] Pixel artists Needed. Spine animator. Musicians also welcome.

    Hi. Were GlowLite Studios and we're looking for long term artists. (pixel) Were making a Multiplayer Medival Magical 10 vs 10 PVP game with randomly generated arenas for Pc and mobile. We have a early Pre-alpha build with a block for a character, but the multiplayer works. If you want to test it...
  2. A


    Hello everybody ! ! I am here to present my GM game ! The game is about a village invaded by Supay, a deity who loves to be worshiped and if he doesn't have enough followers, he will unleash his evil minions. This is when the players, as guardians of the place, try to save the people. So...
  3. S

    Free Lancer - My first 2D game

    Hey guys, I'm a student currently studying Game Art at Media Design School and as part of the course have developed my first game. Lancer is a local multiplayer competitive platformer based around the concept of medieval jousting, but with a twist. Compete in four different seasonal arenas...