1. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL Best GameMaker Game 2020

    YoYo Games are requesting game submissions to crown the BEST GAMEMAKER GAME OF 2020! Check out the blog post and submit your stuff NOW!
  2. Tony Brice

    Released Validius released

    I finished and released my 6th complete Gamemaker 2 game for the latest Syntax Bomb competition. Validius is a twin-stick shooter based on Asteroids but with some very nasty bad guys trying to stop you destroying the asteroids. Add in power ups and it makes for a fun shooter. The game is up on...
  3. Tony Brice

    Released Creepy Crawlies released

    Hi everyone, I've released my latest game which is, once again, a Syntax Bomb competition game. The categories I went for were Retro/Shooter and made my game similar to the old classic Centipede with a mix of Gridrunner. You can read about the competition here...
  4. Z

    Free My first game (Castle Climbers)

    Hey there everyone, I just released my first ever game made in Game Maker Studio, called Castle Climbers! It's a competitive 2 player platformer game where the player's have to outlast each other and get to the end of the levels. There are still some minor bugs but I would be happy if you went...
  5. JPDamstra

    Belated Valentine's Day Giveaway

    Hey everyone, It's time to spread the love! I'm giving away 6 copies of GameMaker Studio Professional, 3 of which also contain the Android module, to 6 lucky subscribers. All you've got to do is like the following video, subscribe to my channel and leave a comment on the video about what game...
  6. cloopadoop

    Game Jam The Buswick 2016

    Gam Makars! I run a gamedev competition every year. It's called The Buswick. Here's a vimbobulon with info: The challenge is to make a game by the end of September with the theme Fail to Win. The prize is a fancy 3D-printed trophy. More details at the site: I'd love...