1. W

    Development Starting my game design journey, any tips?

    Hey all! Just started getting into game design in the past couple of years and I fell in love with it as a narrative medium. I started with RPG maker, which was a fun way to get introduced to programming but a very limited tool for the type of games I was passionate about. Coming from being an...
  2. mizugori

    Just a new member saying hi

    Hi, I am new here. I just wanted to take a moment to say hello. I have wanted to make video games since I was a child. My first system was a NES, which I was lucky enough to get when I was 4. I've been gaming ever since! In high school I took programming classes and did a summer program at...
  3. Phil Bod

    Free Make a GameMaker game a favorite of the week...

    Hello, I need the support of the community... Vote PhilGood for the favorite of the week on "thegdwc" Very simple : 1 link: and 1 click. Thank you all for your support.
  4. sofaspartan

    Let's Share Our Musical Creations

    Hello all, I've created this thread for you all to share your musical creations. This includes songs and sounds of any kind. This is a low pressure, friendly environment for music composers and music lovers to come together and have fun while supporting each other in the process. All levels of...
  5. K

    Discussion what about game maker [Closed]

    It was the april fools post that closed lmao :D
  6. BCrash

    Velocity - Twitch Racing Game controlled by chat

    VELOCITY is a Twitch streaming game controlled by chat commands (yes, it's designed to work with Twitch's delay). To start type play in chat (while no one is playing). Then use a to move left or d to move right. You get points for avoiding other cars and collecting coins. Once you crash your...
  7. T

    Does anyone have a method of meeting GMS devs in their area?

    To give some definition to this post, we would be looking for some method of creating a group of locals also interested in learning or practicing Game Maker Studio. The difference to groups that meetup to jam, would be that this group would have an open availability to anyone looking to hone in...
  8. Y

    Forum Issue i can't log in using firefox

    it tells me "wrong user or password" everytime is it me or is it you?
  9. Smarty

    Opinion Anyone here using Mastodon?

    One day a developer got entirely fed up with Twitter. His issues with it were manifold, but essentially boil down to a lack of community building, a centralized authority, and a lack of control to prevent online harassment. And if you need to be convinced how clueless Twitter can be managed...
  10. J

    Is there a place where Devs livestream their projects in the making?

    In simple terms, is there a platform where people who use gamemaker do livestreams of their projects in the making? I tried looking up the gamemaker topic on and nothing came up. Perhaps there should be a part of the yoyogames community dedicated to this? I think it is a clever idea...
  11. S

    Legacy GM GM:S 1.4 comes with Professional?

    Hi. I am new to the community. I downloaded Game Maker: Studio 1.4 from the official website. When i installed it, i noticed i was with the "Professional Edition"! Is that normal?
  12. Mercerenies

    The Fifth GMC Time Machine

    The Fifth GMC Time Machine It's that time of year again. Time to bury a hypothetical box in the hypothetical ground for a hypothetical year. For those who did this last year, nothing has changed. For those who are new to this, keep reading. This is the GMC Time Machine. It's sort of a time...
  13. jtmx

    Steam Using steam inventory items.

    Is it possible to add steam items from your game to your steam inventory that you can then sell on the steam community market for your game? Forgive me if this is worded badly but is this possible? If so can someone point me in the right direction please :) I plan on releasing a free to play...
  14. Mark Freedman

    GameMaker Podcasts?

    Hi all. Does anyone know if there are any podcasts centered around GameMaker? I know there a bunch of game dev podcasts (indie, etc.), and the more general ones are cool. But most seem to fade away after a year or so. And some dev-specific ones seem to be focused on Unity. Unity is great, but...
  15. HayManMarc

    GMC Secret Santa 2016 - Deadline Dec 20th!

    Hello, fellow GMCers! It's that time of year again! What time, you ask? ~ The "GMC Secret Santa 2016" time! ~ :banana::bunny::banana: GIFT TRACKER PAGE :banana::bunny::banana: (See if your gift is ready and download from here on Gift Day.) >>>> Sign-ups are now closed. <<<< ~ ~ ~ Time...
  16. N

    GMC Forums Warranted Apology

    It showed no grace or tact to allow a small number of individuals to skewer my impression of an entire community. While there can be no justification for abuse, I'm not ashamed to apologize to this community as being guilty of many of my own criticisms, dismissive and cynical to a largely...
  17. O

    Released Review Periodical [GMCRR]

    The GMC Rad Reviewers is a group of forum members who agree to review completed GMC games on a periodic basis as well as give feedback to incomplete games. There are too many great games on this forum that get unseen so we are here to help people find them and are here to give creators feedback...
  18. GVmG


    Heyyyyy, totally not stealing @Ninety 's idea from the old GMC forums, I'm gonna make some random comics on recent GMC events! Don't expect anything serious or well made or high quality or anything really. I'm just a guy with a random graphics tablet and Microsoft Paint. And before anyone gets...
  19. Yambam

    IndieMendable Beta (Upload site/Community/YYG Sandbox archive)

    Click here... IndieMendable (earlier it was called GameMaker Spiral) is a place where you can upload games and get feedback on them. It's made to look like the old You can upload your own games and search on the old YoYo website via the WayBack Machine and a database. To...
  20. L

    i need help on this...

    So i been doing good so far with my platform game and programming it with help from few you tube videos but i need help from a experience programmer cause i got problem with this ability my player have. So here's his ability, he can shoot a ball called teleBall that move towards the mouse but...