1. Rtw123321

    Portfolio - Programming Motivated programmer looking to expand his portfolio

    Hello! My name is Ryan Watkins and my goal is to expand my portfolio. Currently, I have 2-3 years of experience with Gamemaker and would like to expand my knowledge. My current portfolio is under my Instagram @Infinite_hp I am extremely motivated and will work through any given task as soon as...
  2. H

    telegram chat group for Game Maker

    hello , we have made a chat group for communicating on the Telegram messenger. the idea is chat and discuss about game maker so developers can meet and improving themselves. click on the below link to join the group:
  3. C

    Curse Voice server for GM Developers

    Hey there! I am Caloxeno, a GM newbie, And I just created a Curse Voice server for GM developers! You can enter it by following this link: In case you are curious, I will answer some FAQ: What´s Curse Voice? I will give you the easiest...