1. S

    GML How do I use the reverse command?

    I need to create something like this: but using code, not DnD™ . How do I use the reverse command? Thanks in advance, and sorry for my broken english.
  2. Sabnock

    GML Explosions

    Sounds easy and once i see the solution it probably is but would anybody have a clue how to do the explosions that were used in the original missile command? i get that it is expanding circles but it looks like there is some sort of XOR or whatever going on as they overlay each other. i could...
  3. M

    How to change values like this?

    Is there any command to make any variable change, for example: hspd = 6 if hspd is a positive value, i want to make it negative,(if hspd = 6, then make it hspd = -6) and vice versa (if hspd = -6, then make it hspd = 6)
  4. B

    Mac OSX Control Key Not Mapped Properly on Mac OS

    When I switched from a mac keyboard to a windows keyboard, I changed my modifier keys (Including command key) into a more comfortable position. For the rest of the os, the re-mapped command key works fine, but on GMS 2 it changed to the ALT key on the right side of my keyboard, however, saving...
  5. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 storing command values in a int

    can someone explain how I would go about storing values in a real? I want to make a command stack where it executes commands line by line in a visual coding block sort of style I want each command to hold a single value that represents the command, subcommand, and arguments. each type of...
  6. P

    How to avoid input being pressed for x seconds

    Hello, is there a way to disable an input (BUT NOT ITS ACTIONS!) for x seconds or under some circumstances ?
  7. N

    Windows [SOLVED] Turn light off when space bar is pressed

    I'm trying to get a light to turn off when the player comes in collision with the light, presses the space bar, and the light turns off. This is the code i have but its still not working -_- [obj_light] CREATE myLight = true; pSpace = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space); STEP if...