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command and conquer

  1. James222

    Windows 3D Command and Conquer: Generals *Remake Game Maker Studio 1.4*

    Hey guys, So I just started a new project recently. So my last game was the halo CE remake, and now I have a new idea for a remake in mind. The game I grew up playing.... The legendary RTS game from 2003.... Command And Conquer: Generals :) Just got path finding and the 3d environment so far...
  2. D

    Asset - Project RTS Base Building Engine

    RTS Base Building Engine Version 2.5.1 Released! Added unit spawning. Add Construction Yard and Build Radius Bug fixes, work continues! Version 2.0 Release: Fixes and more additions to previous release. Completed: -HUD Menu with Descriptions. -Tech Level built into HUD. -Drag and Drop...