1. David Herguedas Cuadrado

    Combine 2 shaders

    Anybody know how can i combine 2 shaders? ------------------------------------------------- Shader 1.vsh ------------------------------------------------- attribute vec3 in_Position; attribute vec4 in_Colour; attribute vec2 in_TextureCoord; varying vec2 v_texcoord; void main() {...
  2. J

    Create New instance, check all other of same instance, combine into new instance

    I have been fighting this for days now and its time I find some help... there are 10 stores. It falls into a inventory kind of thing. Basically, you pick the store ( the item (global.item) rather its going in or out, (global.in_out) and quantity (global.qty1). After you pick all...
  3. Wuzzems

    GMS 2 Making a combining system.

    For my game I will be having the player combining a bunch of different symbols to be able to solve different puzzles. Currently I only have 2 symbols in object form which I've called NEW and OLD. In any case, I've made these holders for the symbols which you can see on the side of the screen...
  4. Anomaly

    GMS 2 combining strings into object name?

    Hi... Is there any way to combine names into one? Like say... var thing = 2 How do I make the object name cited be garden_door_2 named that in a statement just because thing = 2 ? Like... ("obj_garden_door_" + thing) make it's name Trying to make a bunch of repetitive code more efficient. Make...
  5. C

    Legacy GM How can I apply multiple shaders on the application_surface?

    I've been trying for about a week now, but I just can't find a working solution. The easiest way seems to be surface stacking, so this: surface_set_target(rgbSurface); shader_set(shRGB); draw_set_blend_mode_ext(bm_one, bm_inv_src_color); draw_surface_ext(application_surface, modX + 0...