1. K

    Physics Based Stickman Melee Simulator

    Hello and thanks for the view. I'm working on a game for the Google Play Store (and hopefully Steam eventually). I am sorry I could not let you try it on Windows, I have not yet bought that module for GMS 2. It is a physics based melee combat game where you play as a stick figure fighting in an...
  2. T

    Combat Bar

    having trouble erasing this my bad
  3. CrazyNinjaMike

    Herakles and The Princess of Troy

    Hi all. In 2006, I made a game called "Hercules and The Princess of Troy" and released it to the old gmc forums. It got good reviews. I took the feedback and vastly improved on everything. I've been working on this new version, on and off, since 2007. And now, it is nearly complete. I recently...
  4. I

    GMS 2 Making combos system?

    So im trying to make a combo system in which the game detects when you press , for example, 3 buttons one after the other, and if done succsefuly then do this attack. Here is my try on it: if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("S")) and (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("A")) and...
  5. Lumenflower

    Defence Moves in a Turn-Based Fight

    I am currently working on a lil fight mechanic which I intend to integrate into a more generic RPG-type game. When the player enters combat, an Undertale-like UI is displayed, with the enemy shown centre-screen. The player then has access to various attack moves depending on their equipped...
  6. RefresherTowel

    Floramancer - Stardew Valley meets Heroes of Might and Magic

    Floramancer A farming sim where the fruits of your labour can go to war! Take a dash of Stardew Valley and a pinch of Heroes of Might and Magic, add a few gallons of secret sauce, mix it well in your Cauldron and taste. Oooh, It tastes like Floramancer, a turn-based strategy\farming sim...
  7. Yrbiax

    Released The Struggle of Combat - Randomly generated side-scrolling shooter

    The Struggle of Combat is rogue-lite shooter with randomly generated maps. There are currently: - 7 zones with different enemies and bosses. - 8 playable characters - 23 different weapons with tons of variations. - 38 possible upgrades New trailer is out: Latest gameplay video: The...
  8. G

    Asset - Objects Attacking with knockback (Now for free!)

    Marketplace link: Are you making an action rpg? Need knockback? Then this is for you. Attacking and knockback. In the video below you can see it in action. Unfortunately I'm not good at animating so it maybe doesn't look so...
  9. Dusk_Ealain

    GMS 2 How to Set Up a Darkest Dungeon-esk Combat System?

    Howdy, so this will hopefully be my last "Help" related post for a while, but my project has evolved quite a bit and is now looking a bit more like a traditional RPG. But I wanted to give it a bit more of a 2D perspective, which was pretty easy to do, but combat has gotten into the mix and now...
  10. Mercerenies

    Design Thoughts on Microgames

    Hi, So I'm working on an RPG that has turn-based combat. In order to spice up the combat and make it less luck-oriented, I've added minigames. Whenever you attack, a simple, 5-10 second minigame appears on the screen, and how well you do in the minigame determines how successful your attack is...
  11. Bingdom

    Android SpaceShip Combat (Free)

    Download (Android) Welcome to Ship Combat! Where all of your space fighting dreams come true! This game features: ~ 4 Game types; ~~ Asteroids - Practice your skills on endless waves of Asteroids! Every new wave will...
  12. Bingdom

    [Solved] Multiplayer Networking

    Currently I got some knowledge of making multiplayer games, mainly with simple games. Now i want to expand my knowledge to harder games. I have been working on this game for a while and i would like to make it multiplayer. This picture pretty much shows what my game is about. The AI contains...
  13. Bingdom

    When The War Began - New Graphics!

    A game that consists of AI finding and driving vehicles, combating each other. It features: ~ Troops can heal you and its teammmates ~ 9 Different weapons - Minigun, Machine Gun, Rifle, Sniper rifle, Medkit, Bazooka, AT Rifle, Tank turrets and Armed car machine gun ~ 3 Different Vehicles - Car...
  14. H

    Alpha Suffering Confusion | 2D parkour game [GRAPHICS UPDATE]

    Welcome to Suffering Confusion! New Graphics Demo Preview! Comparing old and new graphics! What is this? This is a 2D parkour game. So far there's no story, but there will be soon! Movement You can move horizontally with the arrows, jump with the up key and also somersault...
  15. Bluetail7

     Copycat, Cee Ann

    A game started by Bluetail in June 8, 2016 A game about Speed, Power and Accuracy! Latest preview Website - DOWNLOAD - Themes November Reach a hybrid game of speed and fighting with a level of RPG components. All in a platform where you have to master all the elements from the stage to...