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combat system

  1. flyinian

    How would a combat system like this be accomplished?

    I'm a little ahead of myself in my development road map but, I decided it may be a good idea to have at least a good idea on how I am going to do my combat system. I just brain stormed a combat system, the partial logic of it anyways. (The game is a text based simulation game) Essentially...
  2. O

    Getting Started on a Turn Based RPG

    Hi there! I've got experience working with action oriented games and have been doing GML for a few years now, but structurally the process of setting up a turn based battle system eludes me. On a 1v1 basis it's fine, but the logic and process of setting up a scenario with multiple enemy objects...
  3. K

    Game Mechanics Falling back on Match-3

    I have "something" of a game idea, but I'm not sure on the best way to approach it. It would be something of a combat-oriented RPG mixed with dating sim (don't ask...), but it's been a bit of a challenge. Ideally, I'd have a single set of mechanics that would mesh well with both pillars, rather...
  4. I

    GMS 2 Making combos system?

    So im trying to make a combo system in which the game detects when you press , for example, 3 buttons one after the other, and if done succsefuly then do this attack. Here is my try on it: if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("S")) and (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("A")) and...
  5. G

    Design ARPG combat system feel

    I was making a combat system for a action rpg game, but I noticed that it doesn't feel very good. How would I make it feel better? Should I use physics? Knockback or not? (Currently I'm not using physics and have a simple knockback). I wasn't sure if I should post this in the programming thread...
  6. Dusk_Ealain

    GMS 2 How to Set Up a Darkest Dungeon-esk Combat System?

    Howdy, so this will hopefully be my last "Help" related post for a while, but my project has evolved quite a bit and is now looking a bit more like a traditional RPG. But I wanted to give it a bit more of a 2D perspective, which was pretty easy to do, but combat has gotten into the mix and now...
  7. Jezla

    Game Mechanics Decision-based combat design

    My new project is a resource management/travel game inspired by games like Oregon Trail, FTL, The Banner Saga, etc. It's larger in scope than my previous games, and by nature requires more design and planning. The basic idea is you have a party of characters who must travel from point A to...
  8. N


    So I've been working out ideas for the video game I eventually want to make, and I realized that I'm not sure how I want the actual gameplay itself to be like. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future setting, with 2D pixel art, and 3rd person view. Your overall goal is to collect a...
  9. D

    Windows Combat stats .

    Hello , i started a 2D platform rpg game , i already made the movement and jumping scripts , but now i need to make some kind of stats to be used on all enemies , atk , hp and def points . Also for player a mana or energy stat . As i'm new in gmc , i feel like i hited a wall and people are...