1. PixelMochii

    Issues with storing Hex Colours in an array

    Hiya, I'm attempting to store a bunch of hex colours into a 2d array so that I can access them later to randomise colour schemes, but using the $ symbol in my array returns an invalid syntax error. Does anyone know how to store colours in this form without gamemaker hating it? the 2D array I...
  2. ZacKow264

    SOLVED Variables no longer coloured or showing up in Code Completion

    There should be an image attached to show what I mean. Instance variables, local variables, and custom scripts no longer show up for me in their assigned colours. And yes, I checked my preferences, and nothing has changed there. Additionally, none of those show up in Code Completion either...
  3. SonicTheHedgehog+123

    Legacy GM [solved]change text colour when switching in menu

    I made a menu based on the menu video from shaun spalding. And I want to know how I can make the color of the text change if I am scrolling up or down(like in Undertale). So the selected word should change its color. Open for help:p
  4. cliftonbazaar

    GMS 2 draw_set_colour

    How do I put a variable into draw_set_colour in GMS2? global.second_colour = "c_yellow"; draw_set_colour(global.second_colour); draw_rectangle(340, 600, 940, 650, true); When I do this it tells me that the draw_set_colour is wrong :( Error is "draw_set_colour argument 1 incorrect type (string)...
  5. chaslinux

    Design Sprite animation colours too far apart?

    I have two sprites that are essentially identical other than the top and middle part. One has a red top and one has a green top. Both have a layer of shading on top that takes over more of the red/green colour as the 4 animation animates. The red sprite looks great, but something feels off with...
  6. Desix

    Shaders [Solved] Applying shader to coloured vertex buffer

    Hi there. I'm sure this one's simple to those experienced with shaders and buffers. The goal itself IS simple to explain. I need to apply a fade shader I have (or create a new one to perform the same function) to a plain colour/alpha un-textured vertex buffer. I'm not that great with either...
  7. Edwin

    GML [El Solvedo] Any way to change the colour of the sprite font?

    Hello. I have a sprite font. global.spritefont_black = font_add_sprite( ... ); I need to change the colour of that, but it's a sprite so there is no way to change it instead of creating new sprite for your coloured font. What should I do? Transform my sprite font into default font? If so...
  8. G

    GMS 2 How can I change the letterbox color from black with scripts?

    How can I change the black bars on the outside of the screen to any color I want, on the fly?
  9. JesterOC

    GMS 2 How do i colour blend individual tiles in GMS2?

    HEYO! So i've been porting my game from GMS1.4 to GMS2.... But i've hit a snag... I can't seem to blend a tile? Any help is much appreciated.... As for what i need to blend tiles for... it's an enlarged pixel grid you can draw on.. needs colours.
  10. Azenris

    GMS 2 colour_get_hue returns float?

    Hi ! colour_get_hue, colour_get_saturation, colour_get_value seem to be returning float numbers. In the manual it says int. I would expect int 0-255. Is there a reason for it to be a float? The colour_get_red, colour_get_green, colour_get_blue seem to return ints As an example I have a col =...
  11. N

    Question - IDE GML doesn't recognize the colours set in 'Variable Definitions'

    Seemingly, the colours you pick in an object's Variable Definitions in the IDE (also called Object Variables - very confusing), are not actually valid colours in GML. The colour picker creates a HEX-colour in the format #RRGGBBAA, while GML expects either a color made through make_color() or...
  12. Simon Gust

    Forum Issue Invert font colour when switching site layout

    First off, It's not a big issue. The problem is, most people use the dark skin for the site, they put a lot of effort into their posts and do some colour coding. The thing is, only normal text colour (white in dark skin) changes to a darker grey in light skin. This means, light skin users...
  13. D

    Legacy GM [Solved] draw_getpixel problem

    Hello, I have a problem with function draw_getpixel. var R,G,B; var i = C_Sound; draw_set_color(c_white); draw_sprite_general(spr_exodus_colour,0,0,0,200,200,view_xview+view_wview-220,view_yview+20,1,1,0,c_white,C_Sound_bar[0],C_Sound_bar[0],c_white,1)...
  14. E

    Legacy GM Change Color Issue

    Hello! I am trying to make a program that draws pixel by pixel but for some reason, I can't change the color? Here is the code: DRAW: draw_self() draw_text(room_width/2,room_height/2,"O") if(global.drawdot = true and global.penon = true) { surface_set_target(surface)...
  15. Jase217

    Shaders Blending a colour with a Vertex Buffer

    This is probably a simple thing to do but I'm just not sure how to do it. Say I have a vertex buffer that I want draw with a tint of red, something like doing this: draw_set_colour(c_red); vertex_submit(currentModel,pr_trianglelist,tex); draw_set_colour(c_white); But this doesn't work, I read...
  16. P

    Graphics Problem: Scanning image causes grey colour.

    Greetings. Making game graphics is hard because of the grey colour that appears in my scanned images. When I draw on a clean white A4 paper and colour the drawing, it looks good to me. When I scan the paper, the white parts of the resulting image look grey! And even the coloured parts are...
  17. trentallain

    Legacy GM gamepad_set_colour

    Hi, I am using PS4 controller input for gamepad slot 4 (DirectInput). When using gamepad_set_colour(4,c_blue) it will not change the colour. I have windows as my target. I know the controller colour can be changed through windows because games like broforce can change it. Is this just a problem...
  18. M

     Colour Select bug?

    I am not sure how this was planned, but i have the feeling that this Colour Picker/Select Colour is buggy. if i pick a colour with the colour picker(O), i get the colour on the mouse button i used to pick it up, now if i want to change this colour by clicking on the colour, the Select Colour...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] Colour values

    No matter what this always returns a 0. >global.valueTotal = 0; >currentPos = draw_getpixel(xPosition, yPosition); >global.valueTotal += colour_get_value(currentPos); I have tested this with all the pixels from this test image. (image will be uploaded in a moment, the upload at image button is...
  20. T

    Legacy GM How to change text colour on mouse enter?

    I tried to put "draw_set_colour(c_red)" in mouse enter event but it does not work. Can someone help me?