1. giraffeman210

    Demo Pandaland - Action RPG

    We finally have a demo released for Pandaland! Pandaland is an colorful action/rpg where you battle enemies and collect items to increase your stats! Try out the level and let us know what you think! Here is the link below: Planned Features...
  2. GM029

     The Landscaper - Platformer | Windows Demo Now Available

    Download a demo on my page. I thought I'd start an in-progress thread about a game I've been working on. Initially this just started as a 'get to know' GameMaker kind of project but I've really been enjoying working on it so I'm trying to build it into a full game. This is a simple...
  3. M

    Free Happy Happy Hoola Hoopy

    Hello guys! This is my second game that I finished making in GM:S. Happy Happy Hoola Hoopy is a simple one button control game where you control a mysterious object that need to spread happiness all around the Earth. I made a trailer you can check bellow: I made it only for PC right now but I...
  4. D

    Released AmalgamA - A game about finding pretty things

    Hello, there. I've managed to "finish" something this time around, so here it is. The game itself is simply about connecting the loose ends. There are different game modes based on how much they ask of the player, Endless being the most laid back, appropriate for the majority of people, I...