1. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Draw_Set *free*

    "One Function to set them all, One Function to define them, One Function to manage them all and in the draw_event bind them" Draw_Set() is a combination of the functions draw_set_color(), draw_set_font(), draw_set_alpha(), draw_set_halign() and draw_set_valign() with builtin color-conversion...
  2. L

    Color gradient on sprite

    Hi there! I've been working recently on a project and it is getting more and more to the final stage. But recently I have noticed that there is a huge impact on my game's speed. But let's explain. To accomplish the gradient in the picture I am blending the sprite for my ground ( using...
  3. DarthTenebris

    Alpha Platformer Game

    Hello there my fellow programmers! I made some threads before askin' for help, and as a bit of appreciation and a method of asking more help, I'd like to show 'yall my game that I've been workin' on. NOTE: ITS AN ALPHA Before goin' crazy on the comments, please remember that this game is new...
  4. L

    Android Color Bug

    Easy to understand yet very hard and challenging! Match the incoming flower color by tapping on the right time while the spinner spins! Collect diamond to unlock new skin and automatically unlock new bonus! Be the top scorer for this game! Addicting and fun! This game is quite simple...