1. Misu

    The Unofficial Art Gallery

    This thread is for all of you to show off or share your artistic side with everybody in the community. You can post paintings, sketches, digital artworks, anything artsy and creative made only by you of course. Let the community express themselves with their art side! <link broken>
  2. Q

    Legacy GM Creating a dynamically changing background

    Hello, I'm working on a rhythm game, and I want to implement a feature whereby when the player hits a correct note, the background begins to change color. To elaborate on that, I want it to form a "wave" effect, where the background changes in a straight line that moves until it reaches the...
  3. P

    Game Maker 2 change color of single Spine Skeleton attachment

    Hello Guys, I am new to this forum but I have a lot of practise with Game Maker and now with Game Maker 2. I love it. Nevertheless I am using Spine beside Game Maker to animate my characters. I want to have randomized characters with randomized colors but I don't know how to change the color of...
  4. phillipPbor

    Alpha Ani (alpha demo)

    (attention please) this is the WIP forums, I would like some beta testers in they can play this short demo for solving bugs and see if the game needs. I should do so little. it took 5 or 12 days in making this alpha demo. please be perspective and nice. also contains spoilers. ((THIS GAME IS...
  5. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM jumpthrough blocks

    jump through block "its different. it may act like a jump_through block like any games, but if you swap the tinted colors then they do the opposite." I was having trouble with it when came to researching shauns tutoriels, then I looked at other videos. and having trouble, like I learned there...
  6. BMatjasic

    Windows Solved!

    Is it possible to connect a certain pointlist or a linestrip and colour it from inside? So far I am adding an x and y to a ds_map which I add to a ds_list and then draw vertex from it. Would somehow be possible to colour a certain shape or add a texture to it (which is created by connected...
  7. VentKazemaru

    Legacy GM how to replace entire color palettes?[solved]

    trying to understand shaders or color replacement in the least. My entire game is composed of only 8 shades, but I want to be able to change the hue of the shades in different areas. Kinda like how you can change the palette of gameboy games on new systems. So I can make this into this I...
  8. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Question about Ambient 3D Lighting against 2D sprites/HUDs

    The 3D game I'm making so far has a really nice light effect to it, and at the moment I'm testing how it looks by toggling it on and off. (See the attached image.) It gives objects and blocks shading, which looks awesome :cool: but... ...There's a slight problem: when the lighting effects are...
  9. Posho

    3D 3D Texture Turns Black When Stretched

    Hello, I have this issue. I'm working on a function that basically draws SWF sprites on a surface and saves them as regular sprites to use them as 3D textures for walls and stuff. I started implementing an user-set quality variable, which basically helps with setting the new sprites' size. qual...
  10. Luke Pierson

    Colored font

    hey GMC! So I'm trying to display text in my game, already have that down, and I have the font set to one of the preset colors, but I was wondering if there's a way to set font color using the rbg color code function?
  11. Pixelated_Pope

    Asset - Shaders Retro Palette Swapper

    *Edit: I've taken the download links down. As I've began posting in more places, updating them all every release is a pain. You can get it on the marketplace or, but if you'd like it for free, PM me or tweet at me and I'll send you a key for the Itch release. If you like this Asset and...
  12. GMWolf

    Legacy GM Link objects with color!

    GM Version: GameMaker:Studio v1.4.1760 Target Platform: ALL Download: starter project Links: YouTube Video Summary: Color code objects in the room editor to have them interact in game! Tutorial:
  13. Erayd

    Android make_color_hsv all shades of blue

    Pretty much in the title. For whatever reason, that method only returns different values of blue no matter what I put in, no matter how I blend, no matter how I draw. However if I use just their value like c_red, then it draws and blends perfectly in to that color. I'm using values between 255...
  14. K

    Colour Code from JSON/INI

    GM Version: 1.4.1757 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: Getting a colour code from a single stored value Tutorial: So here's a perfectly painful solution to the perfectly normal desire to get a colour code from saved text like a JSON file. Unfortunately GM:S doesn't let you...
  15. D

    no color coding?

    has anybody had any issues with the code not color coding itself anymore? (example being //makes the text green ect.) my code still works and everything its just all white now
  16. A

    Help with health text color(SOLVED)

    So I have my player's health drawn on my screen in the color green, but i want to somehow change the color of the text to red when the health is equal to or less than 25. I tried using variables and it didn't work. Here is my code for the drawn health: //Draw the health if (global.reghealth =...
  17. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension GM Color Picker (free)

    This .exe program runs in the background and makes it easy for you to find the correct colors for your game. From a set of key combinations you can copy the screen color under your cursor, open the windows color picker tool, and paste the stored color in a variety of different GM-friendly...
  18. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Color Coding Files (free)

    A collection of 16 color files to change the color coding style of the GameMaker IDE. After you've imported the included files, go to File > Preferences > Scripts and Code, and click "Import" in the "Colors" section. Locate the included files in the "datafiles" folder in your project directory...
  19. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Draw_Set *free*

    "One Function to set them all, One Function to define them, One Function to manage them all and in the draw_event bind them" Draw_Set() is a combination of the functions draw_set_color(), draw_set_font(), draw_set_alpha(), draw_set_halign() and draw_set_valign() with builtin color-conversion...
  20. L

    Color gradient on sprite

    Hi there! I've been working recently on a project and it is getting more and more to the final stage. But recently I have noticed that there is a huge impact on my game's speed. But let's explain. To accomplish the gradient in the picture I am blending the sprite for my ground ( using...