1. gitwalrus

    Question - IDE Color palette in image editor.

    In the color panel in the new image editor I can't get the color palette import to work. When I try to get the color palette from my sprite nothing happens. Is there supposed to be a change? Thanks, Philip
  2. Narayan Lewandowski

    GML [SOLVED] gml blendmode that only effects hue?

    I don't even know if its possible with blendmodes (tbh I don't really get the gml blendmodes), but I need to basically need to set the hue of everything drawn on screen to a certain color. I though i could put gpu_set_blendmode_ext(something, something); draw_clear(col)...
  3. Misu

    Shaders Shader not picking up color from another sampler

    I am working on a very complex shader as an experiment with 3D shadering. At this point, the shader I wrote came out excellent base on my calculations. However, it is not working. I tried testing out each algorithm in the fragment shader to see which line is working or not, and I reach my...
  4. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Random Background Blend

    backgroundcolor[0] = background_blend[0] = c_white; backgroundcolor[1] = background_blend[0] = c_red; backgroundcolor[2] = background_blend[0] = c_orange; backgroundcolor[3] = background_blend[0] = c_yellow; backgroundcolor[4] = background_blend[0] = c_green; backgroundcolor[5] =...
  5. R

    Windows Changing colors for a character creation screen(HSV) - Keeping the outline untouched[SOLVED]

    I want to change the color of an image with some programmed bars where you can change the HSV. I don't want the outline to be affected. Is there a way where the grey outline can be "untouched" in this process? Somthing like take this image change the HSV but keep this color untouched. I think...
  6. S

    GML Using RGB values in sprites to apply attributes?

    Hello everyone! I don't have any code right now, but i'm curious if it's possible to do this with gamemaker. If any of you played the original total war games you'd maybe know about how regions are made? If not it's fine. I'm wondering if i can give RGB values attributes. (Examples below) R...
  7. W

    Legacy GM Color pallet always out of order

    Hi, I have been using Game Maker Studio for years now and my color pallet always becomes disorganized after opening the image editor second time. For example, the first time I open the editor, the pallet always looks like this: However, when I open the editor a second time, it will look...
  8. RhyminGarFunkle

    Question - IDE Replace transparent color on same layer in image editor

    Is there any functionality similar to the "color mode: blend/replace" dialog from the image editor in GMS1? It doesn't appear that there is any easy way to, say, replace a couple opaque pixels with semi-transparent ones, or replace semi-transparent pixels of one color with another. If you try to...
  9. L

    Windows Help with Blending Mode

    I need help with creating a vignette on my gui layer. I have a sprite and it starts off white and goes to black. I cannot seem to make the black transparent. help?
  10. B

    Question - Code Why are hex colours #BBGGRR instead of #RRGGBB?

    Just curious as to why GMS uses hexadecimal colours in the format of Blue/Green/Red rather than Red/Green/Blue like most other programs and languages use? Its just a bit confusing to me and to other's I would imagine.
  11. Neptune

    Asset - Project Powerful Dialogue Engine (Video Included)

    String Bean is an original, powerful, flexible and easy to use Text Engine coded entirely in GML. Marketplace for GM 2: Marketplace for GM:S: The core of String Bean consists of...
  12. V

    What exactly does "Color Only" do for the paint bucket tool?

    I know that tolerance changes how exact the fill tool will affect pixels but what exactly does color only do? i cant find a description of it anywere
  13. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Setting colour in a string

    Hi, i was wondering is it possible in gms to set colour within a string, somthing like this 'hello [col=red]world[col=white], how are you?'. so basically only the word 'world' is red. somthing like what you can do in the forum. setting the color with a function doesnt work for me cus im...
  14. E

    Shaders [SOLVED] Making only pixels around an object coloured

    Hi all, I have been trying to recreate the following illustration but I only managed to get the grayscale to work. Here is what i am trying to achieve: First - my background and objects in game are turned into grayscale by a shader in real time Second - only pixels around my player are...
  15. Misu

    The Unofficial Art Gallery

    This thread is for all of you to show off or share your artistic side with everybody in the community. You can post paintings, sketches, digital artworks, anything artsy and creative made only by you of course. Let the community express themselves with their art side! <link broken>
  16. Q

    Legacy GM Creating a dynamically changing background

    Hello, I'm working on a rhythm game, and I want to implement a feature whereby when the player hits a correct note, the background begins to change color. To elaborate on that, I want it to form a "wave" effect, where the background changes in a straight line that moves until it reaches the...
  17. P

    Game Maker 2 change color of single Spine Skeleton attachment

    Hello Guys, I am new to this forum but I have a lot of practise with Game Maker and now with Game Maker 2. I love it. Nevertheless I am using Spine beside Game Maker to animate my characters. I want to have randomized characters with randomized colors but I don't know how to change the color of...
  18. phillipPbor

    Alpha Ani (alpha demo)

    (attention please) this is the WIP forums, I would like some beta testers in they can play this short demo for solving bugs and see if the game needs. I should do so little. it took 5 or 12 days in making this alpha demo. please be perspective and nice. also contains spoilers. ((THIS GAME IS...
  19. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM jumpthrough blocks

    jump through block "its different. it may act like a jump_through block like any games, but if you swap the tinted colors then they do the opposite." I was having trouble with it when came to researching shauns tutoriels, then I looked at other videos. and having trouble, like I learned there...
  20. BMatjasic

    Windows Solved!

    Is it possible to connect a certain pointlist or a linestrip and colour it from inside? So far I am adding an x and y to a ds_map which I add to a ds_list and then draw vertex from it. Would somehow be possible to colour a certain shape or add a texture to it (which is created by connected...