1. Gasil

    Windows Noob stuff - colored codes.

    Hello, loves, I need some help. I've been checking tutorials back and forth to start learning, I'm using GameMaker 2, and I've noticed the persons in the tutorials have these helpful colors upon their codes as yellow on certain statements, red on other commands, etc. My code has some colors...
  2. J

    Change one object's color to be the same as another's.

    I've been playing around with Image_blend but I can't seem to figure out how to change the color of an object, to be the same as the color of another. I have one object which color changes every room (random), and I want another object to be the same as the other every room, what code can I use...
  3. G

    Legacy GM White color in sprite border

    In my game, for some reason, some sprites have white borders or something, like in this screenshot: I tried to uncheck the "interpolate colors between pixels" thing, but it didn't help. I also checked if the problem is with the sprites, but it wasn't (At least I think so). So, any idea why...
  4. Beechbone

    Free Kosmos Below

    Hey, Just released my new game "Kosmos Below". It's a little colour-matching game with bright graphics and cool music. It's got simple controls, where you just move a mouse to hit coloured blocks with your laser. It's got 5 levels and endurance mode dubbed Overdrive. Check it out, and drop me...
  5. A

    Free Shift & Dodge

    Shift & Dodge is a simple but powerful time waster. The object of the game is to break the bricks falling towards you that match the color of your hat at the moment, while dodging all other bricks. Your hat changes color every time you run into a falling gem, switching your target boxes to...
  6. Kuny

    Steam Take the Cake

    Try demo! (click here) Get full version on Steam! Get full version on! Such a beautiful and delicious cake … but where did it come from? Why did the robots steal it? You must help Frank the Friendly Furball take back the cake. It’s far too precious! Webpage...
  7. L

    Legacy GM Invert Colors With Code

    So in my game, I have found one way to invert colors by using the sprites but what I want to do involves lots of objects to do that and makes the game lag. So I was wondering if someone could help me find a way to make code that inverts colors in game maker using code to make the game less laggy
  8. E

    Legacy GM Colour Cycle [SOLVED]

    Hi, Im reviving an old thread I made here before... but Im confused and cant get it to work again! I want my sprite to cycle through the colours... but what seems to be happening is, when the game starts, its randomly picking a colour and not changing... here's what I was trying: object's...
  9. H

    Changing Colors in your Game

    Hey there, i am wondering how i can add color to my game, for example making it only black and white, or negativ. Also i want to change the color by every time an enemy gets destroyed. Does someone has experience with this? Thanks
  10. Cloaked Games

    GMS 2 Color Components from Buffer

    Hello, I am using buffer_get_surface to read color data for a sprite. However, I do not know how to get the color components from the color itself. I tried using color_get, which worked when I was using draw_getpixel, but seems to be always returning 0 in this situation. Here is the relevant...
  11. matharoo

    Asset - Shaders Matharoo's Outline Shader

    This is my outline shader. It has customizable thickness, quality and color. It works with surfaces too. DOWNLOAD LINK I'm not experienced with shaders, so some of you advanced users might spot something stupid in the code. If that is the case, please do tell me, I'd love to improve it! If...
  12. W

    Legacy GM How to make colour splashes reveal invisible walls/objects?

    Hello! Im trying to make a game where you are a paint blob and you have to walk/slide around and get paint on the invisible wall/objects to see where you are going. I don't know how I would go about making the colour 'stain' the invisible object. How would I also go about making it so the ball...
  13. E

    Legacy GM Change Color Issue

    Hello! I am trying to make a program that draws pixel by pixel but for some reason, I can't change the color? Here is the code: DRAW: draw_self() draw_text(room_width/2,room_height/2,"O") if(global.drawdot = true and global.penon = true) { surface_set_target(surface)...
  14. D

    Discussion Switching GMS2 from BGR to standard RGB

    I know this conversation has been had, and @Mike has made it clear that it will never happen, but I really think GMS2 should switch to using RGB instead of BGR. (For the uninformed - the image editor uses RGB, but setting a hex color in your code is expected to be in BGR format). The main...
  15. L

    Asset - Extension Lerner HTML Colors

    Color is one of the basic things a developer needs to bring life to a game. But creating colors manually is very tedious. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Lerner HTML Colors lets you use the standard HTML color pallet, plus some extra variations. All the 140+ colors from the HTML pallet are...
  16. L

    Legacy GM Going through a block

    I don't know how to explain it but I have two of the same objects in a room one has an image index of 0 the other of 1. The background is black. When image index is 1 the color is white and when image index is 0 the color is black. I want the player to colloid with the white but not the black...
  17. ArtCode

    Legacy GM Background colors aren't good/smooth on Android...

    Hello to everyone, I'm trying to create a little game on Android, but I'm having a little problem. The background colors aren't good and smooth like on my WINDOWS export... why? Here, take a look. The first one is on Android. The second one is on Windows. Notice that the colors aren't scaling...
  18. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Can I change the color of code-search highlight? It's too bright!

    This: I can't find it in preferences. Is there a way to change it? My eyes are bleeding from such a bright lime colour just standing out among everything, especially when comments, which are green, are selected.
  19. D

    Windows Colors: Chromatics - Color Based JRPG Style Game

    Colors: Chromatics is a JRPG centered around colors and darkness. The world turns black and white overnight. What is going on? Its up to you to figure out and finding other survivors of this mysterious event. In battles, you can change the color of the batlefield with your "soul color", this...
  20. 2

    Possible? Turn on Pixel Color Interpolation for one Object Off, On for Another Same Frame

    Is it possible to turn on and off pixel color interpolation for a single object, or many but not all objects in the same frame? Things in the process of scaling or rotating look better with it on, but more blurry so that they look worse if they're not currently changing values in either of these...