1. muddrox

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Shader works wrong on Mac

    Hello, there everyone! I developed a shader that makes any sprite a solid color. It works wonderfully on windows. However, this shader fails to work the same way on Mac. On Mac, the shader effect produces a weird, staticy, rectangular effect over the sprites that are drawn with it. I have...
  2. JesterOC

    GMS 2 How do i colour blend individual tiles in GMS2?

    HEYO! So i've been porting my game from GMS1.4 to GMS2.... But i've hit a snag... I can't seem to blend a tile? Any help is much appreciated.... As for what i need to blend tiles for... it's an enlarged pixel grid you can draw on.. needs colours.
  3. D

    Legacy GM c_ Not working?

    I'm trying to make it so that when my enemy dies it creates an effect that's red and it just isn't working. Here's my enemy destroy code:effect_create_above(ef_explosion,x,y,1,c_maroon); All I need it to do is create an effect with the color I want but that doesn't work. Any help would be...
  4. Megax60

    Changue a single color using shaders

    i mean something like this (in the bottom) i want to make many yoshis, using shaders
  5. Caden Black

    Alpha In the Mind (Alpha) - NEED FEEDBACK

    For for exactly one week, I have been working on a simple Visual Novel/RPG. It will be broken up into four different levels. Each I hope will end up resulting into a 1 hour game run time to tell the story. Which goes as follows - Color is HUGE and I mean HUGE in this game, color represents...
  6. lukbebalduke

    Question - IDE Interpolate colors between pixels - Change color

    Hey there! So, I have a question: I can remember older versions of game maker where it was possible to change the color used by the option "interpolate colors between pixels". I can see that by default the color is black, but how can I change it?
  7. Tails1000

    [SOLVED] Changing the color of lights

    I hit a hiccup in my lighting engine, as I can't figure out how to create different colored lights. I've tried several different blend modes with no luck. My goal is to create something that looks like this: But right now I'm only able to make white light, not orange. Here is a pic of my...
  8. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Random color + with +/- chances

    Good morning guys! I'm trying to do a little game based on colors. What i have right now is an object that will choose the color you will play with. every turn you will deploy this color inside the field and then another color will be choosen. what i want to do : I want the code that choose...
  9. RhyminGarFunkle

    Question - IDE Store rather than blend colors in sprite editor

    A year and a half ago, I made a thread about getting back the color blend/replace dialog options, which have been in the sprite editor for every prior version of Gamemaker, in the sprite editor for GMS2. Staff talked about ways to duplicate that functionality, and I talked about how those ways...
  10. zendraw

    Windows [SOLVED]Q:Display color values

    Hi, does some1 know how can i get to display the hex value of a color? Do i have to create such a script myself?
  11. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 (deleted)

  12. Y

    Drag And Drop different objets set draw color

    hi guys another noob question,(in fact I am ashamed to ask). I was making a simple game where I have a score and at the end of the game the score is displayed as "your score" in the middle of the screen. I want it to have a different color than the rest of the text (different objects),but when...
  13. Rikifive

    Legacy GM Drawing Characters One By One With Different Colors

    Hello there, Currently I'm trying to draw a text, where characters would be printed one by one and where some words would be drawn in a different color, to highlight them. However, I'm not sure how to approach that. I tried to think of something, but that all quickly became confusing. What...
  14. Shavv

    Legacy GM Particle Color not registered

    Heey guys, thanks for reading. Under here is a image with a code for a particle. The particle color doesn't go through with a color code, I used multiple, even just raw numbers for a color. But whenever I use a gamemaker value like c_red it somehow works. (the code thats disabled with //...
  15. Gasil

    Windows Noob stuff - colored codes.

    Hello, loves, I need some help. I've been checking tutorials back and forth to start learning, I'm using GameMaker 2, and I've noticed the persons in the tutorials have these helpful colors upon their codes as yellow on certain statements, red on other commands, etc. My code has some colors...
  16. J

    Change one object's color to be the same as another's.

    I've been playing around with Image_blend but I can't seem to figure out how to change the color of an object, to be the same as the color of another. I have one object which color changes every room (random), and I want another object to be the same as the other every room, what code can I use...
  17. G

    Legacy GM White color in sprite border

    In my game, for some reason, some sprites have white borders or something, like in this screenshot: I tried to uncheck the "interpolate colors between pixels" thing, but it didn't help. I also checked if the problem is with the sprites, but it wasn't (At least I think so). So, any idea why...
  18. Beechbone

    Free Kosmos Below

    Hey, Just released my new game "Kosmos Below". It's a little colour-matching game with bright graphics and cool music. It's got simple controls, where you just move a mouse to hit coloured blocks with your laser. It's got 5 levels and endurance mode dubbed Overdrive. Check it out, and drop me...
  19. A

    Free Shift & Dodge

    Shift & Dodge is a simple but powerful time waster. The object of the game is to break the bricks falling towards you that match the color of your hat at the moment, while dodging all other bricks. Your hat changes color every time you run into a falling gem, switching your target boxes to...
  20. Kuny

    Steam Take the Cake

    Try demo! (click here) Get full version on Steam! Get full version on! Such a beautiful and delicious cake … but where did it come from? Why did the robots steal it? You must help Frank the Friendly Furball take back the cake. It’s far too precious! Webpage...